Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


It is the Government’s motion but now it has changed by an amendment that the Government didn’t want. So does the Government now support the motion?
As it is a free vote we won’t know what the whips would have said and how they would have instructed their MPs.
Logically it should pass by at least the majority there was for the amendment


Apparently the Government are now instructing their MPs to vote against the Government motion!

If this passes there will be cabinet resignations


Thank fuck for that. Whips did a great job then :grin:

Anyway, time to get the footy on now.


The Maybot is stuck on repeat :crazy_face:


The fact she’s lost her voice too is just blinding comedy.


Lost her voice
Lost her motion,
Lost her Cabinet
Lost her Party


Almost enjoyable pre match prep


Hasn’t quite lost her job


1 resignation already
At least 4 cabinet members abstained


Pound strongly on the rise apparently. Wonder which cunts bought a shitload of Sterling last night in anticipation of this eh, Mr Rees-Mogg?


C4 news suggesting that May’s apparent strategy is to bring the polished turd back to the Commons for MV3.


She will. ERG will have to support it if they want Brexit.


May has a strategy,???



I must admit to laughing out loud when I saw this earlier.



Funny that the only ‘foreign’ language him and Johnson use is a dead one which only reinforces the pompous caricatures of themselves they promote.
From a marketing point of view they have a USP that works quite well with a certain kind of voter - the kind who come from a long line of forelock tuggers.


Confirmed meaningful vote 3 next week, then potentially meaningful vote 4 if govt loses narrowly


More fucking sequels than Rocky


When does a meaningful vote actually get to point when it means anything?


When bercow stops it