Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


Not likely. :clown_face:


That’ll be fun to watch, and isn’t outside the realm of possibility


May is now like the Scottish rugby team.
She has forgotten how to win but keeps turning up full of of expectation



I could easily support her. Straight talking from a politician, it’s rather refreshing.


I wish Lisa Nandy would let loose like that.


Opening credits of Newsnight were hilarious.

Meaningful Vote III rises from the dead!


It seems that thirteen ministers may have defied government whips by abstaining on the vote.

I’ll bet none of them are sacked.


Theresa May is the ultimate 4D chess warrior. Unsuccessfully whipping against her own motion and then voting against it takes some beating.


She’s fucked. DD is going to help her.



Yes expert negotiation is what is required - Do you know any expert negotiators David?


I doubt if he could negotiate a fuck in a brothel.



Normal politics does not apply here.


Apparently he’s much better when he remembers to bring his notes, and a pen, to the meetings.


Yeah right.

The chances of him being able to read, write and contribute to a meeting at the same time?


Greg Clark waffling for all he’s worth on Peston. “we’re not going to get 100% agreement”

FFS, 52% would be a miracle


So, no deal it is then, Unless the EU chuck us a bone, and then it’s no deal anyway.

In the meantime, JC will get a cross party deal done and dusted and TM will take it to the EU leaving JC to effectively run the subsequent 2 year Trade Deal.All of that without a GE.


Fucking hell, Steve Baker spouting more shite than an elephant with diarrhoea.


The Speaker was moderately peeved about the same material being thrust upon the house again and again today. I think that there is no chance he would turn down MVIII, but after that I think he would be justified in saying no to further re-runs.

It is being suggested that the ERG can vote against May in a confidence vote any day after March 15th, secure in the knowledge that the Government would have 14 days to present a new leader and gain the confidence of the house. By the time Parliamentary sittings restart we would be out.


The moment the people justify abnormal politics is the point we make the unacceptable acceptable.