Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option



Government benches demonstrating a lack of interest this afternoon.


Just a bit.



I find not watching it unfold is a positive thing as it doesn’t remind you of what a shambles May and the Tories are making and also that MPs are total lying cunts.


That was close


Benn amendment defeated.

By 2

Corbyn amendment next


Fuck. Powell lost

Will the numbers change in Benn’s?


Could’ve done with winning Benn’s amendment. Corbyn’s amendment won’t be as close


Cost us the fun of watching the Govt. whip a vote against their own motion.


Ruth Smeeth resigns from Lab FB.

I’ve resigned from Labour’s front bench this evening in order to vote against a second referendum. This was a difficult decision but I have a duty to support the will of my constituents. We need to leave, and leave with a deal that works for the Potteries


16 Tories voted for Benn’s amendment but unlikely that any of the pro-remain, anti No Deal cabinet members did. If they had it would’ve been quite interesting.


I gather that even if Benn’s amendment had passed the government would have whipped to put down the whole motion & killed it.


Closer than I thought


More fuck


That was interesting. If one MP had gone through the other lobby it would have been a draw and the Speaker would have had the casting vote.
Bercow would love that!


Indeed. He would have been in raptures.

AFAIK 6 Lab MP’s voted against it.




Is our tagged MP voting or does she have to be home by 7.00?


Abstained on the Benn amendment so she should be locked up again for spoiling the fun…:expressionless:


No surprise that the Government motion passed quite easily.