Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option






Is Brexit the follow up to the final challenge on 3-2-1 ?


On the plus side,Farage is fuming :+1:


Every dark cloud and all that.

50 times @Theresa_May promised Britain would leave the EU on March 29th.
Our politicians have lied to us again and again.
This is the final straw.

The House of Commons has just voted to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit. This is an outrage.

This is a Parliament of outright liars.
We will have to fight them again.



Top 4D chess from the Tiggers despite the People’s Vote campaign being against it.


Please. Magic Grandpa deems the “timing to be wrong” and abstains, whipping his party.

15 days to go.


I thought they would pull it when Lab whipped against it.




Also, the former Brexit secretary voted with the Govt, but the current one didn’t. But, funniest of all, the Chief Whip of the Tory Party abstained. WTF is that about.


Who the fuck knows anymore?

But I do know that Garage is fuming, silver linings etc


Loved Chan 4 news with Snow ripping into the health sec, just beautiful to watch.



Corbyn confirms Labour frontbenchers Ruth Smeeth, Emma Lewell Buck, Yvonne Fovargue, Justin Madders and Steph Peacock have all resigned over a second referendum.


As normal when it comes to the Shadow Cabinet the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Who?’

I can only name about 4 or 5 of the Shadow Cabinet and I follow politics.


Not to worry, four more nonentities will be along to replace them, once Momentum have given their approval.



What a fucking shower


They really want her gone


They really do and I can’t disagree with them.

My worry is who gets the gig if/when she does go.