Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


They should have. Today & that motion wasn’t the time or place for that amendment. It was dumb. Even the PV campaign & Alastair Campbell were saying as much beforehand.


You can guarantee it’ll be a cunt.

Whereas they should pick Dominic Grieve or Rory Stewart or somesuch.


Almost certain.

Snowballs and hell come to mind.


I can only see Gove getting it.


Proper House of Cards stuff. His wife will be running the country in no time.


Tbh if you look at the 10 favourites in the betting, he’s probably the ‘best’ of the rest.


I reckon he’s a certainty. He’s second to BJ in the betting, but what are the chances BJ could manage to get through a campaign without some self destructing comment?


Agree re gove,though i have also gone with Cox as a dark horse


He’s doing his best to spaff his chances up a wall at the moment…:angry:


I don’t think for all the theatre, GC is the type to covet the hot seat. He’s more the type to be manipulating behind the scenes.


I just don’t get Johnson. Every time he gets up to make a speech from the back benches it’s invariably a rambling, ill considered mess. There are plenty of smart enough people in the party who can surely see his limitations. Maybe they look at him & think, Trump did it, why not Boris? Otherwise what’s the appeal?


The Tory party members fucking love him, that’s it as far as I can see. He’ll win.


Perhaps that’s it. Finding any other reason would be some challenge.


Surprisingly prior to the last election, Cox fared quite badly in the local small hustings debates against no mark candidates who didn’t really stand a chance here. For all the imposing presentation he wasn’t that good on explaining & defending the party’s policies. He is a lawyer really not a politician.


The MPs choose a shortlist of two then the members pick one of them. Let’s hope he’s not on it (maybe faced with having to get up for work every morning he’ll bottle it again, like last time). Otherwise I fear you might be right.



Now that the Tory party has reduced the governance of the country to a circus act, why not go the whole hog and put one of these clowns in charge? What could possibly go wrong?


For the 0.01%


The key question is who will best represent the will of the party donors.




And the media. Of the list above, Borris (Steered by Bannon and his backers) is the likely puppet.


And there’s no chance (especially now we are leaving the EU) of transparency over funding improving… welcome to the murcan style of running a country, sold to the highest bidder with no checks and balances…