Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


An explanation of yesterday’s People’s Vote shenanigans. It really is 4D chess apparently.

Even Gina Miller was against it.

I don’t think last night was the time to lay down this amendment,” she told the Today programme.
“Yesterday was about extension and the day before was about taking no-deal off the table.
“You have to try to exhaust all the other options first, and if Parliament can’t resolve it, it’s at that point that it goes back to the people.”

This had the sort of slick co-ordination the government whips or Chris Grayling would be proud of.

Maybe we really are doomed.


To be fair the UK is a depressingly long way down that road already. And the EU’s record on, how shall I put this, ‘accommodating’ iffy financial practices is not the best (accession of Greece to the Euro, the fact that not even their own Court of Auditors has been happy with their books, although that is improving, etc).





Doesn’t matter a fuck what we do then really… Didn’t someone write a song about that?


Oh no.


Obviously the look of a man with a full thoughtful understanding of international economics.




To be fair to him, he wouldn’t look out of place in a gathering of international economists. In fact he looks remarkably ordinary compared to many of them (or academics in general). However, as soon as he had opened his mouth to speak you would realise he was the oddest one out in the group.


Interesting that he hasn’t put any of it down to politicising his business and therefore alienating a proportion of his customer base.

I certainly won’t set foot in one of his pubs willingly on point of principle.


Got one his mags the other day


Priceless Brexit quote - from UKIP-ex Suzanne Evans….

“The problem we have got is MPs voting with their own consciences and beliefs”


This isn’t real…?


Sadly it is


I find myself asking this a lot these days… Reminds me of Armando Ianucci saying he couldn’t have written half of this shit in the Thick of It because people would have dismissed it as too far from reality…


Great to see that tree sprouting cash again;


Getting the DUP on board may still not be enough to get this deal through no matter how much spaffing Hammond is prepared to do.


How many muffins are we talking about here?




Nor his replacement of European drinks with cheap British knock offs. it’s like going to one of those cheap Spanish all inclusive hotels, the drinks look familiar but taste fucking gopping.


Holy fuck, that much? :open_mouth: