Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



Agreed, but it was still an error that is recognised by all parties now. A real shame.


Not on the EU side though, that’s the point I’m making. EU reps are now saying it was a mistake.


Are they? Do you have a link?


Not at the moment, I would have to go and find the bloody interview again. Just trust me on this, it happened. I think it was on the 3 part documentary looking at Brexit, Euro Crisis and Migrant crisis.


I understood the point. And as I said: this isn’t the case.

Whatever is being said now by some Member States, there were plenty on the EU / MS’s side who thought two-stage essential from the outset specifically beacuse we’re led by donkeys, notwithstanding the inherent cart / horse problem on the Irish border. .



How you view Brexit

  • My opinion is the only valid one
  • Nobody else’s opinion is valid

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No, there are lots of remainers whose opinions I value.


The vote wasn’t remain or remain though.


Still not 4D chess apparently.


Here’s What US Lobbyists Want Donald Trump To Get From A Post-Brexit Trade Deal


Some interesting areas around the various non-tariff barriers that will be discussed in a trade deal with the USA.

If we remove all tariffs, à la Fox, then in order to get a trade deal with the USA we would have to concede on most of these, as we have nowhere to go on tariffs.



They’ve got no plan
They’ve got no plan
They’ve got no plan
They’ve got no plan
They’ve got no plan

Plan produced, gets some positive response.

Toys out of the pram.


I don’t think you understand what a plan is.

Making it up as you go along is not a plan.


Does Labours plan include the ending of free movement?

If not how is that delivering on the result of the referendum?


Yes … ish. Here’s what Keir Starmer thought on Monday (NB a week is a long time in politics)




What KS suggested is pretty much the same as the way in which most other EU countries implement current FOM rules, with the exception of his (and good luck with this bit) advertising jobs locally for 5 days criteria