Brexit episode 2 - the attack of the gammon

Payback is a bitch


Indeed, if they can’t even set the necessary checks & standards in place to control the import of foodstuffs with our nearest & largest trading partner how the hell do they hope to control standards applied to produce sourced from the new, less well regulated countries that Liz Truss is hastily signing trade deals with? We could quite easily end up importing dangerous & nasty materials/diseases that get into our locally grown produce. A bio disaster just waiting to happen.


I’m personally glad Johnson,mogg,Gove etc are still in charge through this brexit period.
Imagine the whining if it had been a Tory remainer running the show.

Think it’s also important to have another brexiteer in charge if Johnson gets lauchned soon.

By 2024 elections,most people I’d of thought will hopefully have seen straight through the bollox they were promised


I’m not sure it matters, the brexiteers that I know are so entrenched in their position that everything is the fault of the EU, that nothing can change their minds.
If they changed their minds they would have to admit they were wrong in the first place and that will never happen


Some prat in our butchers was crowing about buying proper British meat, not that EU rubbish today…. Wonder if he realises the butcher keeps some of his cattle in (southern) Ireland

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to transport goods and people on and off this sceptic isle. Now we can enjoy the sunlit uplands of a proper British coach journey to Redcar or Skegness. We want none of your foreign food or sunshine, your alpine vistas or glistening lakes. We want over-priced bed and breakfasts by sewage infested beaches and derelict piers.


Another Brexit benefit - more space for JRM’s Rolls Royce on the Eurostar and less competition for the toilets.

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Diplospeak for “Behave yourself, or else”

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I think that might have spoiled Truss’ day a bit :ok_hand:


Makes me feel all warm inside.


Me too

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Truss is that fcking thick she will need a civil servant to interpret that for her


Paisley was on Newsnight for the DUP

His (DUP’s) position was get rid of the protocol if you want power sharing.

Power Sharing is a major part of the GFA and the gov’t will have to acknowledge SF being the biggest party and them nominating first minister for the first time is incredibly important.

Gov’t may well argue that to ditch the protocol to get power sharing protects the GFA rather than puts it at risk

As always with Irish Politics it is a clusterfuck

Total cluster fuck. Long term result is Ireland will become a singular country and the northern part will cease to be part of the uk. I worry there will be a lot a violence on that path but it’s inevitable.

We should point out there’s a border in the Irish Sea and send them homewards to think again. :rofl: