Brexit episode 2 - the attack of the gammon

I’d quite happily send the Ulsturr Scatch and the Orange Order to Rwanda to be processed. Pritti, Saurons Gnome, Patel needs to re-evaluate her bad immigrants list

I have no clue what that is

Orangemen of Scottish descent

No gays, no Catholics, no abortions, no united Ireland. These are the people making all the noise about being sidelined from our wonderful union. So now hate brexit

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This ^^^.

I’m curious about this part of the letter

… we strongly believe the United States must play an active role in supporting peace and stability on the island of Ireland in line with our historical role as a good faith arbiter. A major step in the process is the appointment of a U.S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland … last week, in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, Secretary Blinken confirmed that appointment …

Have we invited them in ? If not, do they think they can just pitch up anyway and join in the scrapping ?

Historically that does appear to be exactly what they think, as a matter of international policy.

Thought they had some sort of guarantor status in the GFA?

This is a couple of months old but the comments are still valid

A year and a couple of months. But I suspect they are still valid.

Ha, I hadn’t noticed the year, but you are right the arguments haven’t changed and were understood long before Brexit Got Dun

And it all beings it back to the question of can you have an open border between Ireland and N Ireland without imposing a border within the UK. The current agreement says no you can’t.

Given that it is only the Unionists who object I would have thought the clever thing to do would be to call their bluff and invite Biden to act as honest broker in persuading the Unionists back into power sharing.

The Yanks would run a fucking mile from that challenge, they certainly wouldn’t send an envoy over to help.

The Americans are Republican to the core.

What we need is a Customs Union! :grinning:

Don’t you fucking start😁

I love the fact that the Duppers wanted a hard brexit and voted down May’s soft Brexit without the first fucking clue as to how to square the circle of the border conundrum.

No to a border in Ireland.
No to border in the Irish sea.
No to a customs union.
No to the EU.
No to anything that makes them feel less British.

You can’t negotiate with stupid.


I suspect that may not be the strongest of their commitments

Indeed. I thought that was what they wanted

They don’t want a border on the island of Ireland as free access to both sides of the border is crucial to the economic success of the border regions. Also, they fear that the physical infrastructure required for customs and passport checks would be a target for terrorists.

The DUP never did make it clear which version of the Brexit they supported would actually be acceptable to them. I never heard them approving of any of the proposed options. Yet it would seem that business generally in NI is doing pretty well in their unique circumstances and of course the majority of people elected last week are understandably in favour of the protocol.


Not the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last

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Those Brexit benefits in full, courtesy of Jacob’s begging for suggestions.

Mostly about fucking the environment & diminishing H&S standards.

Certainly worth trashing the country for (and losing our Freedom of Movement)