Buffet or bust - Opinion sought


Vol-au-Vent - round or square, what is your favourite filling for buffet joy?


That looks like a dinner rather than an amuse bouche


No that’s Palmers (who do a fine Rabbit Pie).

Downings is in Pepper St opposite Robertsons the Pizza place.



Nom nom nom


On the rare occasion I got invited to something as plush as a buffet,my recollection of vol au vents was always a runny filling of something that may have been a fish at one point or worse


Tuna mayo, with a bit of sweetcorn thrown in for shits and giggles.

That or egg mayo.

Classics to the end.


Mashed up kippers


Being closer in age to 50 than 5 I will break a social taboo and say “NO SIR!” I don’t eat Hedgehogs, I don’t want cheese impaled on wood and I’m not much of a fan of food with faces still attached - I am in no way fun at parties


That’s fine. All the more stick-based snacks for me. :+1:


The idea of a buffet is fairly sound. Many a time have I gorged on a breakfast buffet and enjoyed the experience.
The buffet experience just depends on the quality of the offerings, and how they are presented.
It can be just a cheap, lazy way of doin dinner for the masses. Then it is a shit.


Oxymoron right there.


Fellow meatmen.

I give you ‘the clogger’

No buffet snack, this one.



Now THAT is a sausage roll!


I never used to be able to comprehend those folks that found themselves sexually attracted to inanimate objects, right up until I saw that.


I could party with the Clogger… Who wants fun food? I want serious food…


Crisps for your buffet

Pretty awful if truth be told


Is it better that the ones Shaun’s other half use to make?


Can’t argue with that.
There were (are) a few chain buffet serveries in Oz. All of which are vile.



Murdoch’s Scotch pies.