Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


Glad you’re back on track. When’s the event again? I need to check if I sponsored you already, don’t think I did!


Official event if it goes ahead is Oct 22. Donating twice is perfectly acceptable if you can’t remember :slightly_smiling_face:.


Early morning run - wasn’t as bad as I was fearing!


The sperm run


Fridays run -


Donated, finally


The Sherlock Holmes run!


You’ll have to decode that for me I’m hard of thinking this morning! What do you think the run route looks like?


I thought it was Holmes looking South with the Eastern point being the peak of his hat. Seemed more obvious this morning, maybe not so much now :slight_smile:


Cool story bro

Started early did we? :wink:


I wish!


Run last night wearing the opinion dividing Vibram Five Fingers -

Taking it slowly.


The nesting eagle run sans claws


So you have tried the claws, when do you step up to the full costume :smiley:


Fridays easy run.


Today’s slightly more difficult run.


Chicken run, followed by pig run.


Short jog while the rain pissed it down.


I just went to my happy place and kept grinding away


Said your wife about your honeymoon.