Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


My honeymoon with yer maw


First run for a while after damaging my heel.

I’m sure someone imaginative with a mind for abstract shapes and patterns will be along to name the run…


You’ll be lucky if it turns out abstract.



It’s clearly a cock with asymmetrical and misshapen bollocks


You smutty little man :scream:


Looks perfectly normal to me.

Oh, wait …



…you remembered what it looked like before you paid penance to stamp on it?



You’ve got a thing about misshaped penis’s it seems :joy:


‘Recovery run’


12 minute test pace run. Warm up of 10 mins, steady fast ish pace and 10 mins of jog -walk to cool down.


What is the pace unit Wayne mph?


Minutes per mile


This time your route looks like Spongebob Squarepants to me.

Perhaps I should have another coffee.


Look at the line between the red and green dots. He’s clearly attempted to delineate a bell-end and draw yet another cock.


I thought that was Spongebob smiling.


Nup. Misshapen flacid micropenis


Longest run yet. Had a stern bit of advice from a friend to just slow the fuck down. He didn’t mention anything about getting lost but that seemed to up the mileage :slightly_smiling_face:


Liver Bird.