CNC or 3D print all the things

That would be adequate

Both armboards for Terminator finished today.
Ready for fitting to Acoustic Signature Turntable.


Terminator armboard is situ.
It sounded excellent, there might be something in this linear tonearm business.



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I think this is a red herring. The real problem with Decca carts is alignment. They are very sensitive to being misaligned and their design makes it difficult to get right. I’ve heard Deccas sounding wonderful and awful in all sorts of arms.

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Dunno why you are replying to me Paul. You might want to point out to @coco that he has oafishly and cloddishly left your post behind when attempting his moddingisms


Happy New Year though

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It’s hard to keep up when sorting out the mess you cunts make. Accept it, or I’ll bring in the thread consolidation police.

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Ha, hadn’t even noticed. It should of course have been to Adam. @coco is probably a bit pished bet he’s been on the gin again :grinning: happy new year to you too Olan :beers:

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Haha, I have actually.


You might have other cloddishings and oafishings they could take into account in mitigation while they are coming up with an appropriate sentence. OTOH it is a shame nothing important (like the whole site for example) was deleted in a sudden attack of drive-by Duh.

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The first slice of a speaker cabinet?

Yep, spent this afternoon having a tidy up of the CNC room and sorting out the Z axis.

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Are you going to rely on glue for assembly or use a mechanical fixing?

Plenty of surface area so a good glue should be fine.

Just glue, we shall see how it goes :grinning:

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As your cutting so accurately, put some locating dowels in the layers, it’ll make building much easier :+1:

Its recessed to take a corian front and rear panel, that will locate everything. To add doweling would be a pain, the cutter I use doesn’t like to drill, so it would mean lots of tool swaps.

Slot for a biscuit ?

Then I would have to machine both sides which is a pain, and probably not an issue but I really hate the idea of voids in a speaker cabinet wall.