Computer games and that


Looks like Gran Turismo possibly


Forza Motorsport

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Did that, and it seemed to work so I can keep on enjoying random turn based battles to my heart’s content.

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Borderlands 3 reveal at the end of this month.

I live for Borderlands.

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I will be playing a lot of this.

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How is it compared to V? It’s currently £12.50 to buy the Steam code on Amazon, better than £50 direct from Steam!


I never played V. It seems very popular now all the DLCs and enhancements have come through.


I mean 6, I’ve got V


I know you did. I meant 6 seems popular now.


Is it fun or too complicated?


I don’t think it’s complicated on lower difficulties you can just sim city and have fun.


I’ve really enjoyed it; the changes to the ways cities work / are laid out work really well imho

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Any EU IV players?

Looks like a massive rabbit hole.


Played a bit of Crusader Kings, not a good idea.


Impatiently waiting for Civ 6 to download. It’s taken a minute already.

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From Ubisoft…

In solidarity with everyone moved by Monday’s events we’re donating to the restoration for Notre-Dame & giving you the chance to play Assassin’s Creed Unity on Uplay for free. "


They are offering the download if you have a Uplay account for the next 6 days. Once downloaded, it’s there to play permanently. Apparently one of the reasons for this offer is the game features a faithful recreation of Notre Dame.


Yeah, apparently they’ve asked Unisoft for the imaging data that was taken in order to help with the rebuilding.


Handy tip. When having a go with an Oculus Rift make sure your kids are not in striking distance.


Graphics/rendering on this new Ghost Recon Breakpoint are fantastic…