Computer games and that


I used to have one of these back in the day, I used to play with it all day…


Me too - Kick Off 2 was, and still is, the best football game ever.


No, that’s Sensible Soccer!




I once commissioned a game called Sierra soccer, it was pretty dire iirc… lol


Yes, it was :scream:


It was made by one lad in his bedroom, and it showed… :dizzy_face:


Ah those were the days :thumbsup:


Must get another PlayStation so I can get everybody’s golf again


Wipeout coming to the PS4 in June.

I need to book a few months off.


If I close my eyes I can picture some of the tracks from the first wipeout on PS1. The soundtrack was pretty awesome too.


I’ve never been hugely into gaming but there were some titles I really enjoyed playing on the Playstation back in the 90s. So this week I tried out a Playstation emulator running on a windows PC. It works great. I’ve been playing Colin McRae Rally 2.0 more than I should be!

I suggest ePSXe Starter Pack 1.9.25 for a quick and easy set-up (windows PC). Or you can get nerdy and configure the necessary bios and plugins yourself.


Gran Turismo and Colin McRae were my favs on the PS1!


GT, TOCA Touring Cars and Colin McRae were my favourite games too. I also spent many hours with this music sequencer creating bonkers 00s electro. :musical_keyboard:


Just bought Destroy All Humans 1 and 2 for the PS4. £12.98 all in on the PlayStation store.

I think Crypto is brilliant, he sounds like Jack Nicholson.


Moved on from watchdogs 2 to assassins creed unity…

I did do some gardening again, too… :flushed:


Looking forward to firing up Bulletstorm again

now ported to the PS4. Hilarious gratuitous violence, and lots of wise-cracking.

“You’re going to kill my dick? What does that even mean?”


Arrived today.

£25. Total no-brainer for any PS4 owner.


It’'s a shame the original game isn’t included with upgraded graphics, I would have picked it up then.


Wipeout 2047 was always the best one (IMO obvs), and that’s included :thumbsup: