Computer games and that


.I read a few reviews last night, so I’ll think I’ll pick up a copy now, cheers.


This week I’ve been playing VRC Pro which is a realistic RC car racing simulator. When I was a teenager I raced 1/10 off-road buggies - a Kyosho Scorpion and an Associated RC10. Many years later this sim is letting me have a go again and it’s a lot of fun.

The handling of the cars is impressively accurate with fully proportional steering and throttle response. A neat piece of functionality is you can use an actual transmitter and receiver as controller with a USB converter. I use an Xbox 360 controller.


Stellaris seems to be getting a lot of positive attention.
It’s only £17.50 on Steam sale and doesn’t take up a lot of HD space.


Arrgh, what have I done? I’m having to watch a two hour tutorial on Youtube just to get a clue. :scream:


There are not enough hours for you to have both a life, and play that game. Choose one :grimacing:



This game is fantastic. If you like RTS, get it. Way better than Civ6.


Just treated myself to a new Xbox One S and had a blast ripping through Gears of War 4 - so popped into Game to see if they had anything of interest second hand and picked this up for £8 and it’s an absolute belter - should keep me occupied for a while


I’ve been playing Metal Slug Anthology on Playstation 2 emulator PCSX2.

The Metal Slug series was released in 1996 and are run and gun arcade style games. The graphics are low-res by modern standards but this is more than made up for by their sheer creativity, humour and utter bonkers-ness. Especially the various vehicles. Bags of fun and you don’t need a pocketful of 10 pence’s to play!


I have a Neo Geo board and Metal Slug on this:

Great games.

Data Discs has just launched the sound track on vinyl:


That’s very cool! :+1:

Are those arcade machines something you build yourself with the right hardware?


There’s a whole industry behind it! If you just want old arcade games then a raspberry pi running retropie will be fine, otherwise you can use a PC running Windows or Linux. All the joysticks and buttons are cheap, and you can probably find a 21" 4:3 LCD monitor for peanuts. You can buy cabinets as well, or make one yourself.


This is an original 90s era cabinet, 29” screen, original neo geo motherboard.

I’m not really into the emulation stuff.


I wasn’t aware there was a hobby dedicated to building arcade machines. I’ve got some ideas for a winter project now, even if it’s just an arcade stick case.


Launched 23 years ago yesterday - December 3 1994.


I remember going in to Sheffield with a old mate of mine, we both bought one with a different game pack so we could swop.

Happy daze :grinning:


Many many hours were spent on this playing the original Gran Turismo , and Metal Gear Solid, among others…


I loved the original Gran Turismo!


I mentioned this before - you can still play Playstation1 games on a PC using an emulator.

The PS games play on the PC exactly as they played on the console and you can use a variety of controllers including the Playstation dual-analog controller. The games load either from the original game discs or from .iso images.

Sites like have .iso images for hundreds of PS1 games. The emulator I use is ePSXe with an Xbox one controller connected via USB.

  • For reasons you should own a physical copy for any .iso image you download and own a PS1 console (even if it’s up in the loft somewhere).


I have been playing Gran Turismo a lot, but on an original console on a studio grade CRT monitor, because I’m not a bottom feeder that uses emulators…

…Just an ugly, lazy, unhealthy elitist nerd.