Computer games and that

It’s weird how they weren’t successful… It’s a great idea, i was too young to go on one but remember seeing it in Segaworld in Bournemouth on a family holiday and thinking it looked amazing. Wonder why they didn’t take off.

Steam autumn sale has started 22-29 Nov. Just bought Cyberpunk for 50%

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They were quite expensive compared with the normal cabinets. And if (like many of us) you only got to an arcade once or twice a year, risking £2 on a 30 second game vs 50p on the normal cabinet meant they didn’t get much consideration

They broke down a lot too, a bit ahead of their time i suppose.

Ah shame… they should bring them back…I’d imagine coupled with a VR headset would make for an awesome experience.

Suspect you might need a large sick bucket if you had both 3d movement and VR. I certainly couldn’t cope with just one of those never mind both. But of course I am no longer 14.


Expect that every time you turn it on.

You know the ‘why would you need GB fibre broadband to your house?’ question …

impressive. Real F14 pilot landing in DCS. He knows what he’s doing, unlike me. :slight_smile:

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