Computer games and that

It’s weird how they weren’t successful… It’s a great idea, i was too young to go on one but remember seeing it in Segaworld in Bournemouth on a family holiday and thinking it looked amazing. Wonder why they didn’t take off.

Steam autumn sale has started 22-29 Nov. Just bought Cyberpunk for 50%

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They were quite expensive compared with the normal cabinets. And if (like many of us) you only got to an arcade once or twice a year, risking £2 on a 30 second game vs 50p on the normal cabinet meant they didn’t get much consideration

They broke down a lot too, a bit ahead of their time i suppose.

Ah shame… they should bring them back…I’d imagine coupled with a VR headset would make for an awesome experience.

Suspect you might need a large sick bucket if you had both 3d movement and VR. I certainly couldn’t cope with just one of those never mind both. But of course I am no longer 14.


Expect that every time you turn it on.

You know the ‘why would you need GB fibre broadband to your house?’ question …

impressive. Real F14 pilot landing in DCS. He knows what he’s doing, unlike me. :slight_smile:

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Expensive sticker.


Just found the perfect Christmas gift for my wife, we’ve been looking for a coffee table for a while now

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What do you think of it? I played a few hours of the demo when the PS5 version was released. The demo was the full game just time limited. Didn’t really grab me, but I have been thinking about going back to give it another shot.

I got my first platinum trophy recently, for Bloodborne. Fucking love that game, and the trophies were nicely done I thought, because you didn’t have to do anything dull, just see pretty much every bit of the game.

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Been too busy with year end stuff but first impressions were okay. It’s a bit more on rails than games I usually like but wasn’t too bad for it.

So the panel of judges (13 and 11 yo) have assessed the collection of “leave your brain at the door” racing games, and decided that this

is “very good”.

However I downloaded two further games for them and this has split the vote.

13yo thinks that this

is “brilliant” (lots of bright colours and loud noises - too fast for me to follow)

however the younger one prefers

which has led to an inevitable fight.

I’ve given them my old physical copy of Wreckfest, along with (hey, their dad says that anything is age-appropriate)

which is extremely gory, and features some of the most inventive swearing I’ve heard in a long time. “Fuckoff” as a noun is a new one on me.


This appeared on Reddit recently;

If anyone needs me, I’ll be browsing the Dignitas website.


Seem to remember thay were quite well regarded CD players at one point, or was that just another audiophool fad?

One version of them played sacd I think?