Computer games and that

Recently downloaded Limbo for my switch, no idea how I missed this years ago when it came out. Fantastically simple game


Amazing game - the follow up is even better :point_down:


Mind blown, didn’t know about this!

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Inside is a genuine work of Art.

On offer for £1.69 in Microsoft store - will give it a try.

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Might any of these be of interest to you? All Xbox 360 games, but as far as I know they will play on your new console and be suitably upscaled and improved?
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GTA III installed in just over 2 hours and I had a quick play last night. :sunglasses:

I left Vice City and Pinball FX installing overnight and both were done when I got up at 6.
I want to try the South Park pinball tables that they do. :grin:

Just bought Limbo for £0.89 and Inside for £1.69 so will leave them to install while I’m out this afternoon. :grinning:

Full couch potato mode tonight. :clown_face:


Very generous offer but I will struggle to find time to play the games I have bought and I also have very little storage space in my tiny abode.

But I’m sure someone would like them for their kids etc and would make a donation to the forum.
Stick them on this thread:

Well my EA Golf game arrived on Saturday and it required an additional 60gb upgrade.

Been on constantly since about 10pm on Saturday and it’s still got over 10GB to download. :weary:

And when the Xbox is downloading my other devices like my iPad run like treacle. I haven’t dared try streaming any music. I’ve had to pause it just to go online and check emails etc this morning. :rage:

Well the summer completely failing to put in an appearance has contributed to this

Despite the occasional bludgeon-fest it’s quite a subtle game.

Major learning from two false starts: don’t blunder into every dungeon you find and clear it. You will screw up later missions if you do.

Minor learning: the smithing skill is important. Buff things pointlessly if necessary.

And from scrolling up to find this, it looks like Shaun pressed the self-destruct button. I wonder what happened there.


You finished the mage’s guild quest tree in the normal way then.

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Apologies for accidentally wandering into Chumpy territory there :grinning:

If I had something to play it on, I’d definitely be giving Skyrim another spin. Are you on PC or a console? The modding options on PC now are amazing, so many things you can add in or tweek.


I think I paid about £8 for the “all the bits” version.

That includes all the officially released stuff I think, but Bethesda has a long history of opening up the game to amateur modders who frankly often fix quite a bit of stuff Bethesda should have sorted, plus there’s a whole load of extra content generated by them too. This is just the repository on Steam, there are a load of other ones, including third party mod managers etc:

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Skyrim is also one of the very best PS VR games out there too and adds a really nice immersive element.

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Picked up one of these cheap on ebay and it does a great job of reproducing A500 and CD32 games (where a good deal of my early 90s disappeared into). Enjoying reliving Kick Off 2, Paradroid, Supercars 2, Alien Breed etc. Other ROMs can be installed if you have them…

There’s also a decent retro cross platform emulator that you can install with mixed results depending on platform etc.

Just need a decent usb joystick now.


Knowing that there are some legacy gamers on here is there any interest in any of these before they go to the chazzer shop?
All free, p&p included… :grin:

Also these… I have an unused, boxed guitary thing to accompany, along with a duo of microphones…
As the guitar thing is rather large it comes with the caveat of being free but a contribution to any postage costs incurred would be appreciated? … :wink: :man_shrugging:


Benny Greb DVD not included! :wink: