Covid: How do you feel? (Part 2)

Questions of whether it was a good idea in the first place aside (I don’t have any family so don’t have a huge say), we were going to be bending the rules - 1 day over because of the way the flights worked out.

But we really would be breaking every rule in the book now - it was instantly obvious that the whole thing was going straight in the bin.

Our fridge is completely empty - going to have to blast out and replenish then buy Christmas food on top of that. We’ve accidentally got way too much beer & whisky which is suddenly looking like a lot less of a problem.


We just had that discussion here. The initial response to Winston De Fucknukle Bumblefuck’s pronouncements was that it would be carnage in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s etc tonight.

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Weren’t the government going to prosecute a school if they shut early last week?

Also great idea to shut the barn door as we end the busiest Saturday of the year

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It’s parked, so he should be happy.

Maybe a week late if it’s days based on the new variant. I think the timing had more to do with the HoC shutting up shop so his own back benches can’t gob off Assume he has used pergogative powers.

Having said that my neighbours are ignoring it anyway, their brood turned up last week completely ignoring the 5 day limit, let alone the new 1 day limit.

I suspect the motorways out of London will be chocked tonight.

My dates 19/1/2021 and 30/1/2021.



January: No need to be alarmed. It’s a Chinese bug. We’re bloody British.

February: It appears that the Italians can catch it too, but they rolled over to the Nazis in the war so it’s to be expected.

March: Errrr, it looks like we can catch it after all. However, there’s no need to panic, just stay two metres apart and sing happy birthday whilst washing your hands.

April: We could do with around 60% of you catching it, but you’ll probably kill your gran in the process. This is becoming somewhat of a pickle we’re in.

May: Yeah, we’ve totally fucked it guys. It’s spreading quicker than a 5g conspiracy. Stay the fuck away from everyone unless you fancy popping out for a McDonald’s.

June: You can definitely maybe get away with sitting within a metre of a perfect stranger in the park, but meeting up with a friend will lead to certain death.

July: You may get back in the pub, but only for essential drinks. Feel free to chat bubbles with a random in the smoking area, but leave immediately if you see a member of your family, or face arrest.

August: Eat out to help out! Every single UK citizen simply must rush out to do all the things we’ve asked you not to do for the last few months. It’s your duty, and here’s a tenner on us for your efforts.

September: You ghastly, little cretins! Who the fuck told you to go out and spread the virus like that again? Have you listened to a bloody word we’ve said? Don’t even come at me with your crocodile tiers, bro.

October: Work from home again unless your place of work has a till.

November: You can go and get your muff waxed and do a bit of Christmas shopping with thousands of others, however, attendance restricted pubs, bars and restaurants still pose too much of a risk to mingle in.

December: Christmas is cancelled. See you all again in the new year for more absolute fuckery, you shower of cunts.


Oh no you haven’t



One of my pet hates is that radio weather forecasts are essentially valueless as far as we are concerned. They say “Rainy in the south-west, dry in the south-east”. But where is Didcot ?

Today we found out. We are not in the south-east.



One horrific expanse of contagion between you and West Ilsley.

Beware the breeze from the south!

I don’t live in South East either, which is a bit of a surprise

Had an email off Amy’s school this morning saying she has to self isolate for 10 days…

Timing is everything isn’t it? :poop:



Real dilemma for us. We (2) were planning to have my brother over for a few days for Christmas; we spend every Christmas together as he is on his own following his divorce. He lives in Wigan so tier 3 against tier 2 for us.

So we are ok for the numbers but not the days. If he can only come on Christmas Day he will need to set off so as to arrive after midnight and leave before the next midnight. Probably while under the influence of drink.

I prefer him getting here late on the eve and leaving late on Boxing Day, but that means I will never be able to call anyone like Cummins a cunt, ever again, or be a hypocrite.


Oh, and he is bringing my record cleaner back so …

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I hadn’t clocked that thought, probably through being a less frequent visitor to the booze threads. A good reason to be nowhere near a road late on Christmas Day.

Oh, and feel free to call Cummins whatever you like. We will give you a pass on that one.


The rule but NOT the spirit.

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Don’t really understand what the difference is once someone turns up Xmas eve whether they stay 1 or 3 days as long as they don’t go out.


Yeah. Can’t help feeling that people looking at what they could do rather than what they should do (and then twisting and squeezing just a little bit more out) is the reason we’re staring down the barrel of homeschooling plus a 3 year old whilst holding down two full time jobs again. Only for a week supposedly at the moment, but not too optimistic about that not changing.

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