There are still 170 places left on the Mod Rocker sportive. I do fancy it, just not sure what my chances of surviving 6000 feet of climbing 4 months into a new baby…

(or whether my wife was listening properly when I mentioned it before and she didn’t answer “fuck no”)


I’ll take plenty of photographs in the event you don’t make it Neil. :grinning:

Really looking forward to it - we’re heading down the day before to make the most of the whole thing.


It’s a lot of climbing for the distance! just worry that even the distance alone will be a challenge at that point :wink:


It’s very similar to the Cowal Sportive so we know what to expect. It’s early in the year for a big climbing sportive but fuck it it’s somewhere new to explore. :+1:t3:


Nice day for it!


Recommend my wife a bike!

She’s had a Specialized MTB for about 8 years and wants a new bike for Christmas.

Her wants include -

  • 27 gears
  • Slick gear shift, positive gear shifters
  • Disc brakes
  • Hardtail
  • Light to pick up

My wants include -

  • Paying less than a grand

She’ll probably pick based purely on colour :roll_eyes:, but I need to put a shortlist in front of her.

Recommendations welcome.


A list of different options from Wiggle

This a well specced bike for the money

I have a Planet X road bike and it’s tremendous value for money the On-One brand is their mtb range


Ticks all the boxes.


Well spotted Gareth - that is the winner right there :+1:


Oooo yes, that Canyon looks the biz - despite Brexit that’s a really good price.

Disclaimer: I have a Canyon MTB


Okay so Mrs CD has been put off by Canyons own description of the 3.0 as ‘entree’. She doesn’t believe that at that price it will have the smooth gear change she is looking for, and despite my protestations that’ that’s a function of good set up, she remains unconvinced.

So any help justifying the choice or arguments why I should or shouldn’t spend more would be greatly appreciated.


If that is the case, buy the Canyon and get your local bike shop to fit more expensive shifters/cables. Unless of course you have a mate who likes fettling bikes…

It is worth knowing that a new bike will lose at least 30% of it’s value in the first year. Estimate how often it will be ridden in that time, and then work out the price per ride…

A well maintained bike is the key.


If she wants light then she needs to buy a road bike - my lightest bike is only 7 kg :sunglasses:


Do you get better shifting the more you pay or do you get lighter derailleurs?


If you really loved her you would get her Di2.


It is the shifters that do the gear change. In my experience, an upgrade in shifters will improve the gear changes more than an upgrade in derailleurs.

An XT mech is more than adequate.

However, the law of diminishing returns is equally applicable to bikes as to any other technology.

Either way, if the bike isn’t looked after…


Nail - head interface.

So any shifters worth looking out for?


I’ve got cheapo Simano gears on my everyday bike, SRAM on my MTB and Campagnolo on my road bikes. All three work very nicely but - as other posters have said - only because they’re cleaned & adjusted regularly. In my experience higher price gets you lighter weight but a minimal difference in function.


Shimano Deore is solid stuff. Be aware that most new Shimano MTB groupsets are 11-speed at the back. The Canyon is a 9-speed bike, so you would need to source 9-speed Shimano shifters.

edit: Merlin Cycles - shifters and cables for £40


Canyon bikes are unbelievable value, because that’s their business model, so I’m not sure you’d end up saving money if you upgrade components - and the weight of the shifters and derailleurs won’t make a jot of difference here. Frame is more important (think speakers Wayne). I’d spend a bit more and go up the range

Oh and 29 inch wheels in medium and large, those will help with getting over the lumps and bumps.