Since Lance Armstrong fessed up, I have found myself drifting away from watching cycling. I threw myself behind Wiggins. His autobiography said “I don’t do needles”. He also lied, it turns out.

Now there is a cloud over Froome, I cannot be bothered with it any more.


Forget the sporting angle and enjoy it as pure entertainment - it’s a brilliant year-long pantomime and every panto needs it’s villans.

The Strade Bianchi yesterday was billiant.



^^^ this enjoy picking out the cleanest, freshest-faced, most unlikely doper and brace yourself for the revelation a year later :slight_smile:


Seems like Shane Sutton screwed them all over with his line of ‘yeah mate, definitely unethical, but not breaking the rules’ - Wiggins is now desperately trying to reel that back in.


This is a good article


Some brilliant Strade Bianche photographs here

This is a classic


Amazing photos, grim determination on every face.
Great race.


One from our bike ride today - Doyles Cafe Balfron. We were hoping to get over the Crow Road on the way home (the snow-capped hills in the distance) but there are still 10ft snow drifts on the summit - hoping for some good photos once it’s re-opened.


Mamils rule ok :grin:


You knows it.


“Cycling keeps your immune system young, study finds”

Surprising news given the number of pro cyclists who seem to develop asthma.


However, it fucks your bone density… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why single out cycling? The test group were compared to lazy fat self-feeders who did no exercise.

Spot the evangelical cycling journo!


Mountain bikers, however, were found to have higher bone mineral density than road cyclists. One reason given for this was the vibrations endured off road. Depending on the level of mountain biking, the increased short durations of high force to get over obstacles may also help.


Brilliant wee film


Interesting that: I fractured my pelvis last year in a crash that I still think, a few years ago, would have resulted in bruising rather than a break. I’ve started more strength training but will now plan more.


Anyone up for Ride to The Sun? Carlisle to Edinburgh, through the night 23rd June


Looks good - will need to look into the logistics for getting there and back tho’


Yeah…speaking of which, after thinking about logistics “I’ll do RTTS, I’ve fancied doing it before and even a flat 100 miler at a relaxed pace will be a challenge this year given how little riding I’ve been doing” has turned into “I’ll do it there and back on the single speed within 24 hours”