Ride there, train back from Edinburgh. Sorted.


Think I’m gonna do the Southern Softies version with my son


Probably get the train to Carlisle and train back from Edinburgh but it’s all weather permitting of course. :grin:


Assume ‘ride to the sun’ is ironic bicycle banter?


First hint of Spring on the bike ride today and finally no freezing headwind.



I really enjoyed this book :+1:


'tis good to be back on the bike :+1:


Me too; riding out this morning, watching the Tour of Flanders later :relieved:


Some of these guys are seriously mental



Tough as nails, chapeau, although I think I’d stop to be interviewed by her too :slight_smile:

that race was fucking brutal at the end on the twisty turns and steep, wet cobbles.


They really tough as nails it’s amazing - I’d have been curled up in a ball crying :joy:

I love this time of year - Eurosport cycling frenzy - Scheldeprijs tomorrow and with the Tour of the Basque Country on as well and then the Big Daddy on Sunday (although I’m working but will record it all)

Handy UCI Road- Calendar


Thanks Allan - looking forward to all but particularly the Paris-Roubaix (hope it rains☺️)

I’m going to France for a short break from Sunday, so hope to catch up on the race late Sunday with the finest glass of vin rouge that I can find from the local supermarket :grinning:


My sadistic streak hopes for bad weather as well :smiling_imp:

Enjoy your trip - it won’t be hard to find a nice bottle of vin rouge :wine_glass:


Well ! The Team Pursuit (both M & F) was a bit tasty :blush:


Managed to catch Paris Roubaix on French TV today - won’t say who won in case some are watching it tonight.


RIP Michael Goolaerts.

It’s a brutal race but taking a life is sad.


Awful, tragic news RIP

crash and heart attack, could be one of those one off unnoticed heart defects that occasionally take the lives of the young and super-fit.


Chronically and dangerously low blood pressure?