18 months ago I thought the same and was pretty cynical about the ‘high’ incidence of illness and the need to treat it among the pro’s. It seems mostly allergies (reported as asthma) rather than asthma that afflicts pro cyclists. As a cyclist with a wife in the Pharma business the subject came up from time to time.

Then over the winter of 16/17 I started having sinus issues that wouldn’t go away. Every time I didn’t go to the doc thinking I was about to turn the corner another bout of cold/sinus problems came on. Waited until April before trundling along to the local GP. She diagnosed chronic sinus inflammation and when I mentioned I cycled her response came as a bit of a surprise. As far as she was concerned it was no surprise I was having issues given I cycled a lot, out in all manner of possible allergens (pollen etc) and pathogens (car fumes) for long periods. She prescribed a steroid nasal spray and within two weeks I was back to normal.

It changed my opinion, given the pro’s are out there a good deal longer than I am every week it’s not such a great surprise that many have allergy issues.

How you go about treating those issues, that’s another story.


Interesting reading Dan - I’ve felt like I’ve been a bunged up for months after a severe head cold around New Year. Might get my ass to the docs just for a check up. :+1:


Interesting personal story. However on a larger scale it’s the propensity of all kinds of athletes not just cyclists, to require medical TUEs with specific competitive advantage to their sport, which is the concern.

As you say it’s how you treat various prevalent conditions, where there are many alternatives. Apparently the doctors at Team Sky decided that banned performance enhancing drug Triamcinolone which had been abused by various cycling cheats, was the specific drug required to treat their riders :thinking:


Yep, it looks bad.

I wonder how aware many of the riders are of the treatments meted out by their team doctors, not that ignorance is an excuse. BW’s adamant he had a problem consulted the team doctor and took what he was told he needed and the treatment was clean with a TUE. The reaction from riders who know him suggest that this is as likely the way it was handled as any blatant attempt to enhance performance by himself. Guess we’ll never know for sure. One thing is for sure, many athletes push the envelop either wittingly or unwittingly. Despite that cycling at least is a heck of a lot cleaner than it was a decade ago with I’d reckon a far more level playing field. Not sure all sports could argue the same.

Worth a check up Alan, a couple of others I know had similar complaints and as soon as they were treated came right. Best of luck


One from the bike run today - Coulport on Loch Long with Loch Goil beyond.


Wow, beautiful scenery.


It’s a very scenic route with some stiff climbs tho’


Good ride Allan :+1:
clever that Relive now interweaves your photos, I’ll have to try that.


Cheer Ben - needed a decent run out as we’ve got the ModRocker sportive on 20th which looks like a beast and the weather has been against us to get longer runs in so far.

The Relive vids are brilliant nd very clever :+1:




Went for a 50 mile ride along the coast for fish and chips with a mate on Thursday night. Filthy weather on the return leg, but great fun and felt pretty decent despite no substantial rides since the 1st week of January. Conversational pace wasn’t crawling along despite the headwind on the way out. We headed out as it was getting dark and a lot of the route was unlit roads so got to try out my Knog PWR Trail light, which I bought last year but hadn’t used as I wasn’t riding. It was bright enough to cycle at speed on unlit roads at a setting which claims 8 hour battery life and bright as hell on the higher settings. Really nicely designed with a neat mount that takes up very little space on the bars and places the light in the centre over the stem.

I like night riding- looking forward to Ride to the Sun. @spacehopper still up for it? One friend has pretty much backed out, but it’s understandable since it would mean him shutting his shop


My mate and I have pencilled it in but my old man is in hospital and my wife’s uncle is going in for a big heart op so will just need to play it by ear at the moment Neil.

Looking forward to the ModRocker next weekend :+1:


Sorry to hear that!

I bet you are, it looks fantastic.


Best of luck next week Allan


Cheers Dan :+1:

It does look a bit of a beast but weather forecast is good so that should help (hopefully) :grinning:

I know I’ve not done enough training but, as you well know, the weather has been against us for months so will just enjoy the ride and see what happens.


Allan, same from me, sorry to hear about the family situation and good luck with the ride. I’m sure you’ll love it; it looks fantastic albeit ‘a bit lumpy’ :slight_smile:

I’m reading Man and his Bike by Mike Carter and he waxes lyrical about cycling through deserted Northumberland.

Frustratingly, my cycling looks like it’s going to take a hit as I’ve torn some cartilage in my knee which will need an op, so I’m rather envious of you.


@spacehopper - sorry to hear that, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

@Bolts - ouch, hope you have a speedy recovery


Was pretty grim down here as well but nothing like you’ve had to contend with. Managed to do well over the winter then tore a hamstring end of Feb, after a couple of false starts back into a bit of riding finally. An hour on the flats is better than nothing!

Looks like I’m up your way w/o 23/7, back end of the week probably. Good chance I’ll be able to bring a bike, let me know if you’re around and keen on a spin out somewhere?

@Bolts I know where you’re at, gutting… best of luck with the recovery.


@defride @bolts - sorry to hear that guys hope you both get back to your best in jig time.

Dan I should be around so just let me know what day would suits you best nearer the time :+1:


I’ll take plenty of photos of Northumberland to bore the arse off you all :grinning: