Good stuff, will let you know


I must do some cycling or some exercise anyway!


Easy now!


Here you go Rob:

And a matching cycle stand:


Hahahahahaha :slight_smile:


Gonna buy a MTB so I can go on rides with Hel.

I like the simplicity of her Eagle single cassette on her Cube so wanted something similar but a bit cheaper.

What do peeps think of this, or suggest alternatives -


MBR gave it a good review, and at £900 the price is good


I’m a bit biased as I have two Cannondale road bikes but I love 'em. :+1:


Only negative was chain slap - is that really significant or the biking equivalent of PRaT?!


Non-issue. I use an old inner-tube secured with zip ties as a chain stay protector. You can also buy Velcro versions for a couple of quid.

For example


If you have chain slap on a singlespeed you have bigger problems than a bit of scuffing to the chain stays :wink:


Ordered one and its due for delivery Saturday :slightly_smiling_face:


Gotta love that new bike feeling!


Handlebar tape would work well for that :+1:


You could colour-match the bar tape with your frame!


Of course :+1:


Nice spin out today although my legs are a bit tired - nothing a few beers won’t numb. :+1:


Bike arrived in huge box yesterday. First job was to cut down the ridiculously long saddle stem which had no adjustment to shorten.

Next was waiting for pedals I’d ordered to arrive - 8pm!


Bet you feel like a kid again :grinning:


Hope the pedals are clipless?

Out for a ride today - wet and cold but good to be out again, apart from constantly seeing my son in the far distance on the hills …

wet ride.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr