Sadly too I’ll with lurgy to venture out on new bike :confounded:.

Pedals are titanium grey studded affairs to match the bike. Unexpectedly came with fatter wheels than I expected so it does look a bit like a child’s bike :wink:


Pics please!


Yes please


Okay I’ll take a pic when I get chance.

Went for very short ride, as much as my lurgy filled lungs would stand. That saddle does not fit my sit bones and will have to go :weary:


We took Marley along the granite way on Sunday. ( cycle path near Okehampton ) altogether she did 4.4 miles. This is her trying to get out of the saddle.
She’s 5 years old and been riding for about a month without stabilisers but been whizzing about on her balance bike for a while now.
To say I couldn’t be prouder of her is an understatement!
And she loves it as did her mum who’s just getting used to riding again.
What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday.


Love it!

My daughter learned about the same age. I really cherish the time we spend riding together.


Thought that was Wayne for a second… :laughing:


Was there any sort of cafe open at Meldon? It used to be in a railway carriage years ago.
We used to take our kids along there starting from the Bearslake Inn.


There’s a little cafe at Devon cycle hire which is where we started and finished. I think there’s a buffet car on the train when it’s running too.

It was a lot quieter along the granite way than plym bridge.


Excellent - balance bikes are the only way, my daughter literally took off in her new pedal bike in five minutes, having been on a balance bike for 6 months or so. Can’t understand why anyone is allowed to sell bikes with stabilisers.


Still feeling unwell but the suns out so decided to go out for a short ride.


Nice fat tyres


Like it, bit on the clean side maybe :wink:


My daughter made the move from balance bike to pedals today :smiley:


Balance bikes are brilliant , our little un got so much confidence from hers and found riding without stabilisers easy once she managed to contain her frustration.


Mudguard pffft

Nice bike tho’ :+1:


Okay, cycle carrier advice please. Need to accommodate 2 bikes on the back of a Volvo XC60.

Any recommendations or things to look out for/ avoid?


I was going to say Saris Bones, but it’s not showing as compatible for the XC60.

Which is a shame because I could have sold you mine…


I use this, the three/four bike version - you’ll need a tow bar though. Pretty easy to set up and v solid.{~cC4urewy}k4


30 mile ride yesterday in the sunshine, along the canal from Stourport to Stourbridge and back. A few pints of Enville Ale were used purely for rehydration purposes at the half way point.