What happened to Planet X Allan, thought you were wedded!?


Ahh the old N+3 Dan.

The Cannondale is my pride and joy and only comes out to play when it’s sunny so doesn’t get much use :joy:

Just had the Cannondale back today as it needed a new headset so it’s ready to get some serious miles in it again. The Planet X is next for the mechanic as it’s badly needing a service but that will need to wait until next month.


Fair enough! Do like mine, started out dry only but must admit that’s slipped and it has to be really bad or winter before I choose the TCR

Shame I’m not a bit closer or i’d take a look at the PX for you.

Defo up your way 26-28th July, will PM closer to the time


Cheers Dan - it’s just wear and tear as I’ve done a fair few miles on it.

I need to replace the rear mech cable but it’s an internal routing through both the down tube and chain stay so well beyond my skills (I’m sure the mechanic will be delighted tho’ :grinning:)

I’m working on the 27/28th but will put in for a couple of days off so will lkeep you posted. Any prefs on distance etc ?


Photos/vids of the meet up and ride please. :wink:l


I’m bad enough in photos so a video would be a step too far Ben :grinning:


Not sure yet, haven’t ridden since Feb, hamstring… will get in touch a bit closer

Re the mech cable, get a tiny bit of gaffa tape and some nylon, cut the cable at the rear mech and attach the nylon to the cable then carefully draw it back through (if the frame has inserts for the entry points take them out otherwise as long as you use a minimum amount of tape to attach the nylon it’ll usually clear the entry/exit holes). Once the nylons through the final cable exit snip it and tape it to the TT so it doesn’t fall back into the exit, ensure your in bottom gear so the cable entry holes line up at the shifter and pull the cable out. You’ll prob need to take the bar tape back to the shifter to access the cable outer under the bar tape when you thread the new cable. Once that first section of outer is threaded reattach the nylon and draw the new cable through using the nylon as a guide. Once you’re through re-tape the bar, tension the cable and index the gears. With a bit of help from Youtube vids it’s pretty straightforward. F it up and the bike shop will put it right! Good luck!


Bit of green laning this afternoon.


Sounds easy when you know how :grin:


Couple of pics from my ride today - aching like an achy thing now so will need some medicinal beers later. Managed to crash rather spectacularly and broke one of my brake levers so that is a pisser and expense I could do without - should have some nice bruises tomorrow tho’ :+1:


Bummer Allan, hope not to much damage to you or the bike.

If you’re gonna fall off your bike at least you picked a decent day out for it!


Cheer Dan. I never do boring crashes it usually includes a full front somersault :joy:

A few bruises and scratches and the broken shifter / brake lever so could’ve been much worse but of course I can’t find just a single left hand shifter anywhere so have had to buy a pair :rage:






Pit stop in Largs on today’s run


Been adding a few miles to my commute this week:

Sun: 25 m off/on road
Mon/Tue/Wed: 22 m each day
Thu: 18 m lunchtime spin (WFH)
Fri: 22 miles (hopefully)

Hopefully will able to get out on Saturday for 30-40m ride too.


Ah the joy of having 27.5+ 2.8" sized tyres that are difficult to find spare tubes for…


Mountain bike-wise, I am staying with 26" wheels. I have enough spare components to last, as long as someone keeps making the tyres!


Like this?:


I managed to get a pair from Evans Cycles in Birmingham en route to Derby on the train.