Training update - lost 13lbs in the last few weeks from training rides and eating better (averaging 75 miles per week).
Really got the cycling bug - also signed up for the British Heart Foundation MK Bike Ride (50 miles) on July 8th. Thinking about joining a local club for regular rides through the winter. Bike upgrade instead of hi-fi next?

Please take a minute to read Maxwell’s story and if you can make a donation, however small, it’s going to a very worthy cause. Thanks.


Read this first :wink:

Good on you. Cycling is very fun. Sorry to hear about your great nephew and great effort on your training and ride :+1:


Stage 19 of the Giro and somebody is taking the piss out of Froome.


I thought he’d be content with having won the Monte Zoncolan stage.

But no, there was more to come. Bated breath for tomorrow’s decider.


Have recorded the highlights of today’s stage. Looking forward to seeing the giant inhaler.


Episode one of ten.


It’s a hard life sometimes - a couple from todays ride


Floating cycle repairs, currently around Mabley Green Park, Hackney…


£35 for a full service and he cleans the bike - I wish he’d float up here !


Nursing my sunburn with cold beer after today’s bike ride despite having my usual P20 on !






This weather is feckin’ marvelous for cycling - scorchio again today


Must resist late night booze fuelled purchase :beer:


Classic bike.

I have one of these frames kicking about in the garage. I had it built up as a single speed town bike for a while. Cannot bring myself to sell it though.

(Not my bike)


What is the frame Gareth ?


Pace RC200

Built in Yorkshire. Aluminium frame. The top and down tubes are square profile and externally butted. It is so old it only takes forks with a 1" steerer, and I had to source after-market dropouts to get a rear disc brake on it. I also have some Pace RC31 Carbon-legged rigid forks for it.

Will probably build it up again one day.

Edit: Bought second hand in 1997


Fuck me - very very nice. I had a feeling it might be a Pace but not seen one in years.

I couldn’t afford one when they first appeared but ended up with a Grisley Wasatch which has been passed about a bit was thinking about trying to get it back as it’s a very rare beast now.

Just found this - me and my mate rode it and it was absolutley fucking mental none of your poofy disc brakes and suspension forks then - what a piss up after it :beers:


Wow! That is proper old school mountain biking. I bought my first bike in 1989, a Marin hard tail. Thrashed that bike for many years, and it got passed on to a few mates afterwards.

Like you say, off-roading with cantilever brakes and rigid forks. Good stuff!


Nice one Allan, Phil Liggett commentating too :grinning: - tough course at 30K let alone 60.