It was an absolutely mental course - one lap for qualifying on the Sat and two laps on the Sunday - we gave up very early on the Sunday as we were too hungover :joy:

Some of it was seriously dangerous tho’ as it had been raining for about three weeks solid prior to the event so the “water crossing” was a fucking raging torrent about waist deep and sooooooooooo cold.

It was a brilliant experience as we got to race with legends like Ned Overend. My memory is a bit hazy but I think John Tomac was there but didn’t race - might be wrong it was so long ago. :grinning:

The following year it was in Strathpeffer which was even more mental but we diecided to spectate rather than ride. The highlights were giving Thomas Frischknecht absolute dogs abuse for carrying his bike over the finishing line in protest as he thought the course was too hard and we got Tinker Juarez (an absolute gent) drunk on Baileys :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Happy days indeed.






Other than the seat stays finishing above the top tube joint on the seat tube. That never, ever looks correct.


Always loved this Zaskar frameset :heart_eyes:



Triple triangle :heart_eyes:




It’s rival at the time was the Donkeys Nob built by Dave Yates.:smirk:


I’ve a Roberts White Spider. Unfortunately it’s in pieces, and in the loft.

Awaiting progress with my sitting balance and comfort.

'Twas my pride and joy. :frowning:


Nice - you should get it built up so it’s ready to go when your back ready to go :+1:


Nice ride out yesterday, haven’t done that much this year as still have a dodgy knee but feeling the urge again :slightly_smiling_face:

_IGP9937-Edit.jpg by -DaveBailey1-

Also started looking at new bikes…


Double Triangle + 1 trapezoid.


…reckon I’ve ogled every bike going - all the temptations of British bike builders like Mason, Enigma and Fairlight then onto Canyon, Trek and Cannondale…but I’ve ended up very tempted by maybe getting something from the biggest mass cycle manufacturer in the world :thinking:

Might give one a test ride, maybe that will put me off.


Had a couple of nice 30 milers out of Sedburgh this week, lovely quiet lanes. I’m liking the Giant Toughroad for my trundling.


Makes you wonder why the marketing team didn’t choose that instead…


Fuck. Just had my bike stolen from outside Sainsbury’s - they must have cut through the chain - saw the cctv footage and it was a pair, one looking out and the other nicking the bike :rage:


Bastards. Was it insured?




Bummer. Hope the images were good enough for plod to identify the shits. Did you have the number registered on one of the databases?


Glad to hear it. :+1:

Hopefully the thieves will be nabbed.

I use these for security when out and about: Abus Granit U-lock


Most annoying thing - have a week off work and Hel and I had lots of bike trips planned.