Your new Canondale? Bastards.

I’d be informing the local cash converters and similar of the details first thing tomorrow.


Went out for a spin on mine this pm. They’ve been saying there’s an insect shortage but if there wasn’t there is now. All the ones I didn’t inhale or swallow I’ve absorbed into my eyes & skin.

Me, later.


You’re welcome to borrow one of mine, but probably too far away to be worth the trip


What a PITA, maybe the LBS will have something you can borrow?


Dirty bastards hope they get fucking run over with a truck


What make of bike is that Ben ? Is it a C/X type very low slung chain stays.


What about the Planet X EC-130E - a lot of bike for the money


GT Grade carbon - gravel bike, the original from 2016 I think.

Yes very skinny chainstays which you’d think might snap easily but this bike can take quite a beating on the rough stuff. A lot of fun and I think I’d keep it for off and on road rides plus commuting.


That is amazing value - no discs though! Still, I’m going to look at their other bikes, everything in the pot. I find with bikes most of the fun is in the looking.


There is always the Ribble Aero


@Waxy Gareth this seems a bit too good to be true and as I’m way out the loop on mtbs whaddya think ?


Agreement with Lizzie Deignan from here. We’ve reached the point where arbitrary and closed doors reactions from the sports authorities create injustice, and tarnishes reputations.

There is the flimsiest evidence that salbutamol is a performance enhancing. The more general consensus is that once smooth muscle [in the lung] relaxes to its normal state no further benefits accrue. from increased dosage.


Your probably right from a fairness point of view Barry but, since it’s the Abattior after all, I’d just like to say for the record that I absolutely loathe Team Sky (except Geraint Thomas) so Froome can get to fuck :grinning:


Strong contender for forum tagline there. :grinning:


I used to ride those on MTB breaks in Spain, whether they’re the most up-to-date frame tech or not they are great bikes.


Thanks Ben :+1:

I’d only be using it for kicking about - no serious off roading so seems ideal but also seems a lot of bike for the money.

It would mean going full circle as the first mtb I ever bought was the original Rockhopper a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago :joy:


Hi Allan, Looks like good value to me considering it has a few new parts fitted.

If it was me, I’d be asking them for the frame number. I’d hate to think I was buying a stolen bike.


You’re right I hadn’t though of the frame number :+1:


Picking up replacement bike today :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh well the booze won :grinning: any advice on a decent bike delivery courier company ?