I have posted bikes/frames before now. This has usually involved first going to my LBS armed with a packet of chocolate digestives. I then leave the bike shop minus the biscuits, but with a proper bike box…

This means removing the wheels, of course.

As for couriers, I used all sorts, including the Post Office!

Edit: beautiful frame Allan! Hopefully you made an offer?


I phoned the guy and after a good natter about bikes naturally he almost had second thoughts about selling it :grinning:

I paid the £380 but includes him covering the postage so not a bad deal I think.

Meant to ask do you use Strava Gareth ? Need to see those stats man !


No, a couple of mates use Strava, but it’s not my thing.

I probably average about 15mph. I am not fast!


I’m about the same so feels fast enough to me. I don’t use Strava for the willy waving bolllocks but find it fascinating to see other people’s rides - a bit like xhamster in that respect :joy:


Fair enough. Cycling for me has always been about enjoyment and health. I see some proper idiots around, treating the roads and paths like their own personal time trial course. Pisses me off!

I agree that the tracking feature is very useful. I tend to use the gbmapometer website just to map out rides to see distance/elevation values. Of course, I could just use my Android phone, but for reasons, I switch off the location things. Tin foil hat etc.


Indeed - I was talking about this the other day I’m actually a bit slower when it’s sunny as it’s just so good to ride about in the good weather.

The Beacon feature on Strava is very good for peace of mind for Anne as she does get a bit worried when I’m doing an all dayer.



Every time I cycle the 10 miles to/from work I count the number of cyclists I overtake (X) versus the number that overtake me (Y).

It is purely an observational exercise, honest! I am not racing anyone except myself.

More often than not X > Y.

As I get older and slower, eventually Y > X


I had a classic twat on my way home from work on Monday.

I’m pootling along as it’s a lovely night and realise there’s someone on my wheel so I slow down to see if he’ll pass. Sure enough he comes flying past and zooms away until he gets stopped at a red light.

He then does the whole track stand thing until the green light and zooms off again. He gets really pissed off as I pass him again but this time speed up to the point where he’s fucking puffing away behind me - petty but satisfying. :+1:



I do use Strava but in the last few weeks I’ve largely avoided using it as I find it can become a bit oppressive, forcing the idea that every ride is a bit of a race or ‘comparing your manliness’ exercise. It’s been quite liberating although I do miss having the stats after and now I’m getting fitter I think I’ll be turning it on again, so watch out Allan :wink:


Brakeless fixie-riding uber cunts abound. They have to unweight the bike, then skid, to slow down. Fucking dangerous.


It seems there are a few people doing the same as it’s been a bit quiet so I disbanded the Strava ex-Wam club but was toying with the idea of an Abbatoir version - whaddaya think ?




Yes a meat men strava would be cool I reckon.


Obviously anyone quick like @defride should not be invited :grinning:


Yes Dan is a bit quick I’m supposed to be heading out for a run with him in July so will need some really heavy weights to slow him down to my pace.

We’ll need a suitable Abattoirist name for club.


Assuming that others are in on this (even Dan) then maybe we should make suggestions over the next week or so and Allan can choose a winner?


Off to the Herne Hill cycling festival on Saturday - should be good but I’m also expecting surfeit of hipsters…


Thanks Ben but I’m happy to go with what everyone else likes best - I’m crap at picking names anyway :grinning: