Rode Buckingham palace to Windsor castle on Sunday for Prince’s trust. Easiest 45 miles, pretty flat most of the way. Just bloody slow getting out of central London.

Signed up for Velo Birmingham and Midlands for next May. Time to push myself further and harder. It’ll be my first century ride. Should keep me motivated over the winter.


Hel is planning to drag me out for a run along the full length of the Staffordshire & Worcester canal which starts in Stourport and goes on for 46 miles.

I know that’s a mere trifle for you experienced riders, but that will be the longest ride for me so far, albeit pretty flat.

For the time being she is enjoying crucifying me on various hill climbs :grimacing:


Not been out much of late but today was a beautiful day so went for a short spin - I love October days like today.


From yesterday’s ride from Stourport to the top lock in Stourbridge-


All my rides are in pitch black at the moment, since I only get out on a Tuesday evening. So, the photos would be shit. I love cycling in the dark with a good light though.


I also like night rides, usually off road.

On the road, I have been using this for 6ish years


Me too - makes a 6am commute tolerable


Ive just bought some Exposure bike lights too. 750 lumen should be enough for bashing back down the canal at night.


If there are cars on the road, I have to dim the Strada. I also have it pointing slightly downwards to avoid dazzling people.


I’m glad at least one cyclist does that. This time of year onwards I’m often blinded by idiots with what looks like a disco rig of mobile strobe lights seemingly aimed directly at my face. I get the importance of being seen, but ffs.


Forced myself out into mizzle this morning for a 30 miler in North Somerset, punctuated by lots of tea and a Belgian Bun at my old dear’s.


I headed out with good intentions but it started pissing down after about 5 miles and it was freezing so I turned around and came home. Getting soft in my old age :disappointed:


Out tomorrow, nothing long just to stretch the legs and lungs…


I checked the weather forecast on Friday and this morning and no mention of rain just cold. I had dressed for the cold but as soon as the rain started then, as you know, that’s a different ball game.

I’m really beginning to detest wet weather riding tbh.


Agree; precip is the worst.


“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”


It has taken me a while to realise :+1:


I should explain “precip” is my new word gleaned from the Weather Channel on my recent trip to the US - blanket descriptor which covers the eventualities without having to be too specific.


Interesting to read Sky intend to pull out of cycling at the end of 2019.


Just after a couple of long term contracts signed. Seems odd :thinking: