I thought it a bit odd as well Terry - but maybe we’re just reading too much into it.

That aside - teams are struggling in general to attract sufficient sponsorship so this will be a blow. Love them or hate them - Sky have certainly had a huge impact of the pro scene since they appeared.


It’s down to Comcast who now own Sky - I assume it’s a very expensive marketing exercise and not seen as a good return on investment. Big indicator to pro cycling teams that they’re not going to get the big marketing bucks.


Forgot that my neighbour is senior in Sky, so I’ll ask her next time I see her.

Not that availability of facts will stop me randomly speculating on this forum.


We can’t let facts get in the way of a good bitch Ben :grinning:


AA slogan right there Allan


Wonder if this outfit will pick up some of it?


There’ll be no shortage of teams wanting some of the riders but there is such a huge service course operation behind the scenes as well which I very much doubt any team can afford to take on.

Also, given the current clusterfuck with Brexit then I can’t see any UK company willing to fork out big money for a whole team.

Even Quick-Step, who are the consistently the most successful team, only just managed to secure a new sponsor to keep them going.

It’s tough times for the teams.


Well said, Birmingham NHS! Many safe miles for all riders.


Since it’s my mate’s 50th birthday this year he’s talked me into doing this - should be interesting since I’ve not done much cycling since September !


Guys I bought these socks in October in anticipation of the shitty wet weather and they are brilliant. Totally waterproof and keep your feet warm even when it’s really wet - love 'em.


How to be not seen. Scary.


Early morning Christmas Eve ride in the Surrey Hills with my son


Purchased, and thanks, hope it actually rains in London now.

2 fucking hundred and 5 miles…in a day, seriously? :unamused:



I do have my doubts about completing it Ben but the good thing is it is heading towards home so we can bail out if it gets too much.

Despite my misgivings at first I’m actually looking forward to it now. :+1:


The 205 miles would probably be ok, it’s the 3200 metres of climbing which will really hurt.


That’s the bit I’m trying to ignore for now :joy:


Arguably in that distance it would be hard not to climb a reasonable amount, so perhaps it won’t feel hilly as such

(just trying to give you some hope Allan).


Thanks for the encouraging words guys.

I know it’ll be hard but I’m willing to give it a go. That said, my fitness has went down the pan as I’ve only been commuting to work rather than training - so I’ve made it a bit more difficult than it maybe should have been. :roll_eyes:


Think you’ll be fine Allan; 5 months to train and the work rides give you a base level of fitness :+1:


Yep, 1600m of climbing per 100m is pretty modest assuming that’s not one 1600m hill which would make it non-trivial…

Steady and you’ll have no problem Allan, sounds like it’ll be a day to remember.