I’m really looking forward to it Dan - the big test will be if the weather is pish.


June, in Scotland? weather will be perfect, maybe.


Northumberland & Borders weather what could possibly go wrong :joy:




Don’t worry Ben we’re used to that :+1:


Absolutely Allan; I remember a couple of my rides last year in Scotland…in August :snowflake: :wind_face: brrr…guess you never put the winter gear away?


They’re never far away :grinning:

That was a brilliant, albeit very cold day, riding around Loch Katrine. Also good for the old bike handling skills.


Not too bad considering I’ve not done much since Sep



Good effort Allan, my Strava year was a bit rubbish, although some of that was down to my Garmin failing to upload on many occasions (crap excuse; Ed).

Going for a bigger year in 2019 though.

See too this guy doing the Rapha festive 500 in a day :flushed:


Impressive although they are mental.


A couple from today’s run - cracking day for the bike


Already signed up for several sportives this year.
I’ve also been talked into the Bloodwise Triathlon at Blenheim Palace in June (750m swim, 15k ride, 5k run).
What a difference a year makes. I must be mad.


If your doing a Triathlon then yes you are Phil :grinning:


Finally got round to cleaning my dirty dirty bike over the holidays. The expensive crash replacement that I was totally going to cherish and coddle and clean and lube regularly. I think I cleaned it the week after I got it in March and it hadn’t been cleaned since.

These made short work of cleaning it to a sparkling finish! Way better than sponges. Even got the stubborn road grease off the drive train pretty easily. I polished it up with some posh Muc Off wax afterwards, which I had intended to do before the onset of winter (but didn’t)


:+1: good tip

No fragrance baby wipes also excellent for oily bits like driveside chainstay


Got a gentle spin down to Bath planned for the morning. Sunday lunch at The Hope Pole, then a sloooow ride back to Bristol, whilst full of food and beer.


Enjoy mate :hamburger::beer::mountain_biking_man:


Cheers Allan. Just need to get up early enough to fit new back wheel, 2 new tyres, 2 sets of brake blocks, handlebar grips and trim all cables.

15 minutes should do it :rofl:


Good luck with that Gareth - I had the same intention during the week and ended up freezing my bollocks off after two hours :rofl: