OK, maybe half an hour then…


I’m not as adept at fixing bike things as you though :frowning_face:


We cycled to my daughter’s climbing lesson this morning and she had a flat by the time we arrived. Puncture fixed in the cafe, followed by coffee and cake. Nice.

I do have a bike workshop in my garage, complete with most tools and a wheel jig. Despite being a short, stumpy ex-rugby player, I was massively into bikes for a long time and loved tinkering and fixing. I would have never entertained the thought of joining a club or competing as I know my physical limitations!


I would like to be more self-sufficient with regards bike maintenance but my lack of patience is serious drawback.


When you turn pro, I’ll be your mechanic :+1:


More likely Gareth :rofl:


A friend who knows a friend can get me a very nice discount on one of these…

The guy is an ex world tour mechanic and will do a top job of assembly. He wont just unbox it and bolt the bars etc on. It’s getting done properly. I’m well excited!


Very nice Phil - full Ultegra Di2 ?


Yes, with Aeolus Pro 3 carbon rims.
Will change the bars and stem for Deda ones (Retul fit recommendation) and cassette to a 11-30.


A couple of pics from our run today - very cold when we set off and of course I have the obligatory crash on some ice


Heading over to Kilcreggan - looking back toward Greenock


Heading over to Kilcreggan and my mate Dave with his gimp suit on


Glen Fruin

Coffee with Ben Lomond


Looks lovely Allan, uplifting…better than my morning of all my trains cancelled on Southwesternrailway and then traipsing through slushy sleet to another station #shouldhavecycledin.

Like that Trek I think I’ll test the Domane out soon. Like the look of the Isospeed system and I would go Di2 too.

Also thinking about Bromptons…


If it’d fit then this is a bargain:

Or for something a bit faster & stiffer:


No disc brakes, so a no from me.


Nice and I like the Di2 versions, unsurprisingly sold out.

I’m a disc convert too but for me they are still a PITA, slightest bit of taint and screechy in the wet and when they go wrong major effort five spanners in Haynes terms. The stopping power though is comforting.


Nice, a few guys in our club have SLR’s and like them.


A few pics from today’s spin on the bike





The Isle of Arran in the distance


Looks wonderful Allan


It was a cracking day Ben - although it was still quite bracing as it’s been -6 most nights for the last week.


Did the cold annoy you? Was it the ire of Allan by the Isle Of Arran?


You on the cider Gareth :grinning: