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Legs felt ok after the 8k run. Going to run home from work tonight


Shit, sorry to hear that Neil. You OK? What happened?


Someone pulled out in front of me on ride home. I had good line of sight of them, they just hadn’t realised how long it had been since they’d checked their right, and had their attention drawn by a bus that had passed. I wasn’t hammering along, but hit the side of the car hard. It was an SUV so basically like hitting a wall at 15mph. I apparently flew a reasonably impressive height in the air so was very lucky not to break anything. They were a bit concerned something might be broken in my shoulder so X-ray’s but just bruised, thankfully. Guy obviously felt bad, all details exchanged, A&E, police report etc… Couple of days off work with cocodamol, which made me feel surprisingly spaced out. Probably went back to work a bit soon, my back was pretty sore, but overall incredibly lucky.

Good to know I’m not overly fragile I guess, and I strongly suspect that the pushups and chin ups helped protect me a bit from worse injury.

I have no intention of making this an annual thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been back on a bike yet…the cold and risk of ice hasn’t helped, also my back is still sore and the other bike would mean wearing a rucksack.


Shiiiiit. Hope you recover quickly dude, sounds a nasty bang.


Chin ups are out :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you’re (reasonably) OK mate, it’s quite a shock to the system, so take your time.


I thought this was interesting


Thanks, yeah- me too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad I had built up a bit of running conditioning- it’s good to have that to keep active until I feel like cycling again. Curious to see how much cycling fitness that maintains


Ha fitness totally fucking derailed by 1-2-3 punch of the accident, having a tooth out so not being able to exercise properly for 4-5 days, then catching a stinking fucking cold the minute i was able to do anything again. Supposed to be going for a ride tomorrow but chest still grim and it’s supposed to hit lofty highs of -1 tomorrow which might mean ice

(grumble grumble grumble) :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeez ! Excuses or what ?


Yup :+1: and the company I work for imploded spectacularly last week, and something set my asthma off yesterday and left me feeling pretty fucking rotten last night

Need a plan




Very inconsistent in the last few weeks but started off this one with a march yesterday cross country through the snowy fields for about 8 miles, and a swim and HIIT session this morning.

Hoping to indulge in some Christmas gluttony without too much damage.


I have been quietly getting on with my 3 day split routine and its going well. Just 6kgs away from a significant (to me) milestone, use of fraction plates mean slow progress but it seems to be working as Ive managed to avoid any injuries worthy of note since starting back at the end of July.

Since my personal training sessions (where i was taught correct engagment technique) I have been living with DOMS somewhere about my person all the time, so im clearly doing something right.

One thing i have noticed is im drinking less, I simply don’t feel like a beer anywhere near as much these days. 1 or 2 bottles over the weekend and thats it.


Good solid progress. Fractional plates are great for low stress progressive load increases, particularly with smaller muscles.

Is it DOMS? Or something closer to joint/ tendon pain. DOMS is normal as long as its not consistently crippling you for 3-4 days at a time.

I’m struggling with a shoulder I’ve aggravated and that’s left arm form on bench press where I’ve used too much range of motion, and not kept my shoulders down towards my feet - its like DOMS but much deeper and harder to shake.


Its 100% DOMS, 48 hrs and its gone from what ever area i was focusing on.


In which case maybe look at what you do post lifting and try to fit in some dynamic stretches, foam rolling of the typical problem areas just for 5-10 mins as part of a warm down. Hot baths are then pretty good deterrents on the evening of training.

You may be doing all these already of course!


Im 6’5, the only thing a bath is good for is washing my arse and ankles, i have to make do with showers. Don’t get me wrong its just a little soreness, nothing to write home about. That said, 24hrs after leg day and it hurts to sit on the bog.


Sounds like you’re doing leg day right then :+1: