Diet and Fitness


How’s your exercise routine going, Jim?


Never had one Graham. Was trying to lose weight…but…:grimacing:


Don’t give up!


Calf seems to be fixed, and most but not all the ice and frozen snow has gone, so I thought I’d risk a short run.


My fitness plan is going well, I have now completed seven parkruns and am running circa 20 miles each week I am building in two rest days each week and definitely not over-stretching myself. Other news I have also just joined a gym for a three month trial so with all the poor weather have been using a running machine this week. Yesterday I had a training session with the professional instructor for help with leg and core exercises -It wasn’t quite as boring as I imagined. Hopefully using a gym will all help to improve my running a little further.


Nice going.

I reckon leg work definitely transfers to running. I found squats and deadlifts, with some calf raises off the stairs really helped build up some resilience to longer runs. Also if you can stomach the mind games that go on doing 20 rep squats then that builds up mental toughness too.


I’ve been all over the place recently and training has taken a back seat. Always sore afterwards as not doing it regularly enough. Getting back into it though. Those 20 reps are brutal, especially of you go with a weight you can do 10 with, I was really wanting to give up at 15. I did try them without having much training under my belt though so it was a bit stupid.


Cheers for the tips Wayne. Today I worked on my legs again to ensure that I had the best chance to recall the form tips that I was given by the professional a few days ago. I did continual circuit training with four exercises four times. I am not yet able to easily manage 20 reps for everything.

Warm up: 15 minutes on running machine
Squats: 15,15,15,20 (big ball on back down wall)
Leg extensions 15,15,15,20 (25kg)
Lunges:15,15,15, 20
Hamstring extensions:10,10,10,15 (27kg)
Planks 2 x 60s
Lower back stretches x 5
15 mins on running machine including a five minute warm down
Total time 55 minutes

Got home and did 2 x 20 calf raises
Although the whole session did not feel too difficult I am expecting some doms to occur


That’s a decent amount of work, well done.
I bet your Quadriceps will be a bit sore tomorrow.

I’ll be going on saturday for about 8.45am. Maybe see you then?


Thanks, I will try and Catch up with you there sometime soon -But Saturday AM is my Parkrun time


20 miles a week is impressive! How is that split up?


I aim for 2 x 5K’s and 2 x 10K each week.


Ive posted this before but it’s worth repeating. Not just for lifters, for anyone who drives, sits at a desk etc, or just wants a 10 minute insurance plan against back pain.


I have made a little mobile stair for calf raises - It’s right next to my PC so easy keep up with calf raises.


How were the DOMS from the other day? Quite a bit of leg work there - but from your runs you seem to have pretty tough legs anyway so I’d expect it was nowhere near as bad as you might have been expecting.

There’s a challenge friends on Runkeeper app have signed me up to - 1000 miles in 2018, reckon you’d have no problem with that whatsoever :+1:


To my surprise I didn’t suffer much at all, glutes were a little achy but minimal - I have had a good week because I repeated the same workout the day after. Also had two evening gym sessions concentrating on my arms plus during the daytime a 10 mile walk and a 5k run. Today is a rest day except for squash tonight. On Saturday I am planning a park run.

Yes 1000 miles running in a year that would be a good target for 2018 for me. This year I have recorded 322 run miles since I started (June 14th) I have also logged 109 walks totalling 881 miles since June.


I thought Wayne’s were right up there until I saw these…


Run out this morning -



Are you suggesting that @Jim is stalking you? :cold_sweat: