Diet and Fitness


Just old age and lazy. Mind you I start filming in St. Albans Thursday so that will keep me busy.


Any work for ToC as a stunt double? His Lear was a triumph.


Who’s ToC?


Your fellow thesp.


Oh Widow Twinky.


Lunch run today 7:52/mi 5k, 24mins 21 secs

…but I was running harder than I should (heart rate was 88% of max avg) and will probably be sore tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: fun though. Definite improvement since i started.


Good run you little whippet :+1: I’d need a month off if I tried to run like that :laughing:


Checked my 2 min heart rate recovery afterwards as well. 61 bpm, which is an improvement on what I recorded last time and puts me in the “Your biological age is moderately younger than your calendar age.” category


Thanks- well, I think I’d injure myself pretty quickly if I ran like that generally. Again, curiosity got the better of me. Back to sensible next run. Hopefully recovered enough to do an easy run on Thursday

Plan for the week is easy 5k run thurs, 7/8k flat easy run sat, then a 50 mile ride at an easy-ish pace on Sunday with a friend- not the club run


One question which I think has been discussed on here before but I’m still not clear on. Does muscle soreness mean that the muscles aren’t fully recovered and you should wait until they are before you train them again?


Classic ‘it depends’ answer!

Yes soreness does indicate that you’re not fully recovered, BUT you don’t necessarily need to be fully recovered to train again. There’s an element of listening to your body and not training if you’re cripplingly sore.

There’s another school of thought that says that if you shy away from training until fully recovered then you’ll lack training frequency and won’t stimulate your body to recover faster in the future.

This is where having a schedule which cycles 2 day rest periods routinely, and recovery/ deload weeks etc helps.


Yeah- my feeling is that for running I need to find the right balance of intensity that allows me to run 3 times per week, and if I get it wrong and end up sorer than planned I should run but run easier. Actually- what I did last week is probably perfect- today is almost guaranteed to be too much, but I’ll probably do an easy run regardless on Thursday


Recently a friend who owns a powerlifting gym shared a promo he had received to have a DNA based fitness test and report. So I spat in a tube and posted it, waiting a couple of weeks for the results.

Interesting report came back with lots of detail on 41 DNA markers and some practical application and recommendations . The other stuff like tailored nutrition and training plan were very generic and would be poor vfm if you had paid for that.

Some conclusions based on genetic indicators confirmed things I knew like a propensity for physical speed and higher performance at power based activities. Others were a bit of a surprise including markers for endurance and faster recovery - where I would typically say the opposite.

In summary they recommend applying the findings to training by: adding greater volume per workout, higher rep ranges (12-15), faster rep tempo, and greater training frequency (full body 3x per week). So out of curiosity I’m going to apply these for a few months to see what difference it might make.

I’m pretty sure as the product stands I would not pay anything like the rrp for the service offered but I think if they upped their game and could demonstrate studies that showed the benefits of genetic optimised training/ dieting then there might be a market for this kind of thing.


One week in and three full body (A,B,A) workouts ticked off. Carrying a bit of soreness but I’m hoping to work through that as hopefully I adapt to the frequency - lighter loads should help.


I just attended my first postural alignment class, much of which was spent in that position.


Today was run number 69, a 10K run including 8 x45 second pick ups around Farmoor reservoir - The last mile was enjoyable and completed in under nine minutes with a total time of 59:39 - I am definitely getting the feeling that I am slow twitch.
In three weeks time i am running a 10K in Bicester. Hopefully I can match or better that time?


Definitely - running with other people around you will easily knock minutes off your time.


Gentle jog to burn some calories, clear my head, and scare the teenagers down the park :smile:

Crap shot of the local amusements backing onto the river and canal basin.


That is pretty damn good :+1:


Run today. First exercise of note since being smashed by a car on my ride home a week and a half ago. For some reason it’s less painful to run than walk. Did about 8k. Didn’t time myself. Pacing myself so i didn’t have to breath overly deeply.