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Un-fucking likely, he’d have to step into a gym or near some weights to do that :smile:


Uber-stealthy though in those socks and sandals. You would never hear him until it was too late…


The bell on the end of his hat would give him away.


There is certainly the chance of at least one bell end being involved…:unamused:


Somehow I doubt it…:wind_face::zap:


You’ll have to lift Jim’s belly first to see his :laughing:


Right, that’s it - you’re getting fuck all tonight :angry:



Fuck off out of it with that kind of imagery Wayne.



It’s a Christmas day 5K park run today for me this morning. All being well my first sub 27 minute run is on the cards. Then a bit of a pig out. Happy Xmas to all D&F contributors -

Update - Time was not a disaster given that yesterday I completed a full gym session and a short run. 27m 23s - 4 seconds slower than Saturday’s effort.

So to compensate for food about to be eaten - I have just topped myself up with 3/4 home circuit this morning
Calf raises on stair 30,30,30,30
Mini sit ups abs only 20,20,20,20
Arm raises (3+3kg) 15,15,15,15


Cool you’ve had quite a year - good luck :wink:


Go for it :running_man:t2:‍♂️


I have been driving my mother around for two hours today so I decided to fit in “a bits and pieces” gym session - That is two or three circuits at a time of low impact gym stuff. For the day a total of twenty circuits of the four exercises were completed.

Calf raises on stair: 30,30 …n20
Mini sit ups: 20,20 …n20
Arms out and ins (6kg):15,15 …n20
Squats: 15,15, … n20

I wonder which bits will be stiff in the morning?


What’s arms out and ins? Is it an isometric hold of dumbbells out to the side?


Yep that’s it out to the side and back in to the chest. It seems to replicate one of the machines I use at the gym and I can do whilst watching Netflix.


Do you mean the pec deck? Should do that horizontal with free weights, I would’ve thought. Anyway, isometric hold will work your Delts nicely.


If you want to work your chest like that then I would highly recommend resistance bands like these -

Hold the end of the loop in each hand with the band crossed over and behind your back. Push your chest slightly forward and your shoulder blades pinched together, and then either press or use a flye motion to squeeze your pecs together.

A good rule is to always balance antagonistic muscles and so in this case matching a pulling exercise for your upper back and rear delts. So something like band pull aparts, or sit on the floor with legs out in front and loop the band around a sofa leg etc and with each end of the band gripped tightly again stick your chest out slightly and begin pulling your elbows back by pulling your shoulder blades together and keeping your elbows low, pull them slightly behind your body, squeeze your upper back, and then slowly return your hands in front of you. Do not round your back or allow your shoulders to get pulled forward as your hands go forward - keep your core braced and your shoulders square.


I have kickstarted my new year weight loss early with a bout of food poisoning :+1:

Unfortunately I suspect the majority of the weight loss is fluid

Quite literally, a load of shite


Had a run yesterday in the cold - canal path was full of joggers and people on their new bikes futilely trying to burn off their Christmas excesses :grinning:.

Anyway I’d read something about the benefits of trying to run in heart rate zone 2 so I strapped on the monitor and attempted to try to do this with some ‘coaching’ prompts from my running app - however it appears that I more or less have to be at walking pace to get in zone 2 and so in 4.5 miles I managed less than about 6% in that zone :confounded:. I wonder if the zones calculated from my age in the app are wrong or if I’m just staggeringly unfit :blush:


Quick look into this and yes its a common problem with other runners complaining that the HRMax isn’t set properly. Sounds like if I do some god awful test that it will likely shift my HRMax and zones up and mean that I can slowly jog inside zone 2 without having to drop down to a walk!


Here are my exercise stats for 2017

Given that I was 105kg in February it’s quite rewarding to see my exercise efforts in numbers -I am still thinking about 2018 targets, It would be great to run 1000 miles but that might be a stretch.