Diet and Fitness


I lost a lot of bike fitness in the second half of 2016 because of this. I based my HR zones on the age-based formulas which gave a max of ~185…I now know that my max is a smidge over 200.

HR is interesting if you like that kind of thing, but speaking from personal experience I wouldn’t get too hung up on it

I mainly use it to track my level of conditioning nowadays- I have a good idea of what it’s like when I’m in good condition


The work you’ve put in and the transformation you’ve undergone in 2017 is something to be very proud of :+1:


Seconded :+1:


I’ve just joined a group on Runkeeper to do 1000km (about 52m a month) which is more achievable for me and fits in with my other goals for this year.

Made a start today with 3.8m / 6.1km :slightly_smiling_face:


Well…although things were slightly derailed by the accident I’ve still started this year fitter than I started last year.

I can still comfortably do 10+ pushups and have maintained enough strength to do a single chin up now that my shoulder is healed up enough. Plus, I couldn’t run a couple of km let alone ~8 at the start of last year.

I’m going to take that as a win

I’m not sure what yet, but modest goals for next year I think, focused on health and general conditioning.

The big thing for me is that I feel younger now with my third child than I did when my first was born.


Achievements this year

  • going from not being able to run more than 100m to running a half marathon
  • losing about 10 lbs
  • not great progress on weights but starting to get into a consistent habit. December was probably my best month for frequency
  • hitting 8 consecutive chin ups

Goals for 2018

  • run 1000km
  • run the Bham 10k and maybe one other
  • lose a few more lbs and get to 12% body fat
  • hit 15 consecutive chins
  • body weight deadlift for reps or 250 lb single/ double
  • get back to previous decent squatting numbers, but need to solve equipment problem


For me, everything else fitness-wise is secondary to my cairngorm adventure :stuck_out_tongue:


The plan I have formulated is to set goals for three months at a time.
so for 2018 Q1

Run 260 miles i.e. 20 miles a week
Complete ten 5K parkruns
Finish a half marathon on 8th April
Complete gym circuits twice a week
Try Yoga
Maintain weight below 80Kg or lose some more belly fat so 32" trousers are more comfortable
Spot 200 birds


If there’s just two things I think everyone with sedentary jobs/ lifestyle should do its walk more and do a bit of yoga on a regular basis. Low impact and will look after your joints and particularly hips and back which are the principal victims of driving and sitting in an office etc.

Here’s the easiest position to get into to relax and deload your lower back -


My plan is little and often; trying to run 3 times a week- 2x 5k and gradually extend my longer run (currently 8k)- and other than that pushups, squats, kettle bell swings, and chin ups, but just doing sets throughout the day- just looking to build up some base conditioning through consistency and concentrate on form rather than aiming at progression.

Cycling will take a back seat for now, although I am planning on going for a ride tomorrow- more because I miss getting out into the countryside- we’ll see what it’s like after a month and a half off the bike!

I’m hoping that hip power from the kettle bell swings and cardio from the running will combine to keep my cycling fitness reasonable and once I get a replacement bike sorted I will commute by bike, but I need to be realistic about what’s achievable for me just now :stuck_out_tongue:


Press ups. Started about a month ago: now up to around 35-40 each morning with 25 continuous max. Aiming to shed around half a stone and build up to 50-70 per day in next two months. Keeping it simple is the aim, but then may move on to weights and chin ups. After a bike accident last year I have a damaged disc in my upper spinal column so want to ensure progress is measured. Swimming is on the cards too.

I’ve not been on the bike for a month, but will jump on again soon - commuting to London 30 miles round trip plus maybe some fun mountain biking, which I haven’t done for a while.

Cycling aims for 2018 still to be worked out, but that will form the main portion of aerobic exercise, as knees slightly too fucked to run long distances any more.


Good job :clap:

A good choice for strengthening your whole body without impacting on your back

If you’re gonna do a push then you have to do a pull :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, good call, might start some pull ups soon then; I quite like doing them :neutral_face:

Press ups are a pretty amazing exercise I reckon.


In strict form, yes I agree :wink:


Yep all about keeping form deffo


Dr told me today to loose 5 kilo as part of my diabetes control. I’ve got lazy and put a bit of weight on.
So need to get myself motivated.
Starting with some walking at a brisk pace and moving onto running again in a week or two.
I used to enjoy running, only stopped when moving house and got out of habit.
I’m also going to record my calorie intake on iPad app to help.
Once at target weight will endeavour to stay there this time. Famous last words, I know.


Good luck Tim. I think of all the things that will help you it’s resetting your diet to match your sustainable activity level. You can’t outtrain a diet over the long term. What im saying is don’t rely on running etc to regulate your weight!

Also wonder whether 5-6 smaller meals might help improve your insulin sensitivity- but obviously take some advice from a nutritionist, who might also suggest things like nutrient timing etc.


Good going for a month- that’s the max I got up to last year


First time on the bike in 7 weeks today :+1:


Thx, reached a bit of a plateau though. Maybe psychological, but will try and up the daily count via reps to c.50.