Diet and Fitness


ahahahah major DOMS in my hamstrings over the weekend. Probably shouldn’t have been surprised- there were 135 kettlebell swings in that workout, which is significantly more than I’ve done before :stuck_out_tongue:

Karate was off on Friday, but went for a run on Sunday. Friend couldn’t make it so I decided to head out and see if I could still do 5k in 25 mins (my runs have been sporadic and easy paced). Managed 23:10, increasing my speed on the final mile. Happy with that, since I’m still faster than I was at the start of the year.


I’m continuing with rowing each morning (6 days a week). 20 minutes at a good pace covers about 7.5Km according to the read out. I get to swim 2K twice a week & try to get a walk or two in. I think about having another go at running but any slightly longer walk gives my hip grief so I can’t see the point of doing unnecessary damage by running on it. A shame, I do miss a run. I’m also still going to a postural alignment class once a week which incorporates some very useful stretches.


KB swings > 100 = DOMS.


The lateral vs sagittal thing is something I’ve been thinking about. One of the resistance band exercises my physio gave me years ago (for general cor/ flute strength and endurance when I was having back issues) was a lateral band walk. Actually, perhaps interestingly, many of the exercises were lateral (or involved moving diagonally). I’ve been thinking about how to fit these into my regular routine.


Good weights session yesterday, since my long elbow induced layoff I’ve taken it easy but now starting to get decent weight on the bar. Pumped out 3 sets of 10 body weight deadlifts with no ill effects this morning, so will now start adding 5kg a week to the bar and see how long I can keep going without a deload. Would like to get to 2x body weight deadlifts by the end of the year for similar sets/reps. Couple more compounds and 1 or 2 accessories and done.

Short gentle run this morning to try to loosen up.


Ugh. Forced myself to do bodyweight circuit. Not as painful as I’d thought it was going to be. Had pretty much psyched myself out of doing it. Glad I did. I still wouldn’t call it easy, but it’s noticeably more manageable than when I started. I’m comfortable it’s the right timing to introduce the kettlebell workout


Force yourself to start, or force yourself to get through it?


To start. Hamstrings were still a bit tender from last Thursday, etc… etc… Actually felt them loosen off through the circuit. Felt better for it, and felt like progress from last time I did it. It feels like quite a nice ‘recovery’ circuit for the kettlebells- which I guess is decent progress from how difficult it felt when I started!


Yep it’s easy to get put off working out when you’re still a bit sore, but once you get going it helps.

As you know only too well, the hard part is convincing yourself to start.


Good bit of squatting yesterday, however while my legs were still shaking like a shitting dog, Hel begs me to go out for a ride on our bikes.

Had nothing to start with and it got worse over 10 miles after which I cried off and she banged out more miles.

Never again.


Good bit of deadlifting yesterday which I’m paying for today :grimacing:


Got the Lab back so my walking is back up to 7-10 miles a day.

Managed to get squatting yesterday before emergency call to rescue my wife who had gone out on her bike in Wyre Forest and managed to wrap her chain around the rear derailleur FFS.


Weights on Sunday went okay and a short run yesterday.

I’m anticipating getting dragged out by Hel for a 30 mile ride later on today :grimacing:


Managed 3 weight work outs a week for the last month, but had to dial back the running so Hel could drag me out on the bike a couple of times a week (60m/ wk for me, 100m for her).


Managed a 5k run tonight. First mile, nice breezy conditions, last 2, the heavens fully opened and I got soaked to the skin :tired_face:


Went for a lesser spotted leg day yesterday, goblet squats (half bodyweight), Bulgarian split squats, lunges and calf raises.

Jesus fucking Christ I have an ass that hurts more than a prison bitch in a riot :scream:


Karate makes me feel very unfit. Also feels like I’ve fucking torn something in my core muscles. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got out for my first 20-mile walk in 6 months yesterday. The good news is that the left foot held up well - pain there is what brought me to a stop back in the spring. The bad news is that I tripped over - a combination of not looking out for roots (idiot) and not remembering that a heavier backpack raises the centre of gravity high enough to topple you forwards if you’re walking quickly. I left some of the skin off my hand on the stony path. But my left knee took most of the crunch. Here it is when I got home

The surface splits are just superficial. It was the bruising and swelling which caused me some gyp. Fortunately half a mile further on I met some people on a local playing field, one of whom had some sticking plasters. These stopped my trousers chafing on the knee. That’ll be one more thing (actually probably surgical tape and melolin) to go into the backpack.



Going to try to get 3 full body workouts in every week for the next month or two - I’ve been terribly inconsistent recently.

Still giving those half bodyweight dumbbell goblet squats a bash, trying to get up to a single set of 20 reps.


I’m enjoying karate (I’ve been to a few classes myself when the kids were unable to make it!). Seems to be a pretty effective physical conditioning method- after last week’s class I don’t think there was a single muscle in my body that hadn’t had a workout!

The social aspect, with my kids and others in the class, means that I think it might be the missing piece of the fitness puzzle I’ve been looking for- something focused on strength and flexibility that I actually enjoy doing!! The kata (like tai chi forms) can be practiced anywhere that there’s sufficient space and get the heart rate and breathing up if you put the effort in! I’ve been pretty consistent at doing a little bit every day…because I enjoy it.

Plus, there’s a 30 min fitness class (basically circuits) before the main class that includes kettlebells, medicine balls, bodyweight exercises- so it means I’m doing that sort of thing a couple of times a week consistently without much effort on my part (I have to be there to get the kids there!).

I’m trying to run 3-4 times a week, 4-5k and have been managing that pretty consistently. 2 of the runs are with other people so conversational pace.