Diet and Fitness


Martial arts are great for fitness. Have to confess I could never stand doing the Kata but loved sparring!


One thing that’s become very apparent is that my lower core (? - whatever you use when doing ab wheel roll outs) is pretty weak. Apparent from what I struggle to do in the fitness class (e.g. windscreen wipers) and what hurts the next day, particularly when we’ve been doing kicks- I guess holding a low position while chambering a kick relies on the same core muscles.

Something to work on, which is good.


Actually maybe looking at this I’m being a bit harsh on myself

I can do it with legs bent as in this link, but not legs straight.

Regardless, I struggle with the ab wheel


That’s progression for you! You just need to gradually extend your legs little by little.

Its the same with things like hanging leg raises etc, you can increase or decrease the tension by altering the extension of the legs.

Also I would think WW’s target the obliques more than lower abs? (which will get hit more as you extend your legs).


I guess my lower abs and obliques are weak then? :stuck_out_tongue:




Ha. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Starting a new program for the next 10 weeks - a foray into high frequency training and an experiment into recovery and soreness!

Basically a 4 day per week full body program, with each day having different technique and variation in movements. The key is avoiding momentary failure and having enough recovery resources to take advantage of more frequent protein synthesis.

So Monday is higher load with fewer explosive reps (max 6) using an 8RM load
Tuesday would be a variation of movements, but slower higher contraction focus reps for max 12 at a 15RM load.

Thursday and Friday swap the movements and the rep technique.

I’m doing this because a. I have the time at the moment whilst not being bound by client site every day; and b. I’m interested in how the adaptation to frequency will manage soreness and progress.

Should be entertaining at least :grimacing:


Less soreness I imagine. Be interested to see how it all goes for you.


Finally passed the 5,000 mile mark for the year today on the bike. Quite pleased as I had a real downer during September where I only commuted into work but nothing else.

Will be signing up for the ModRocker sportive in April as I had to cancel it this year so something to train for over the winter.


I can feel the seasonal slump in energy levels threatening… Illness, work, baby-teething etc… doesn’t help.

Over the last couple of weeks I found running and cycling on top of the karate a bit too demanding. I feel like I need to focus on karate/ strength and flexibility and do one easy’ish run max. The strength/fitness circuit at karate usually includes some high intensity sprints or similar anyway.


Feel your pain. Sometimes you need to cycle your activity and intensity levels up or down.



Went for a 5k run today. First proper exercise after about 3 weeks of drinking :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice one. Coincidentally I did the same, headed out and did 5 miles at steady pace.



I was doing pretty well this year. Consistently doing karate twice a week, at least one run and a longer cycle. Now a bad cold has led to a chest infection and on antibiotics and knocked out the last couple of weeks. Damnit.


Chill out, you’ll be back at it in no time.


Feeling better today than I have for about a fortnight. Ride into work was ok. I’m down to lead the club ride next Sunday…I think that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll try going for a gentle run on Wed and do karate on Friday.


Started a diet Monday and having trouble already.
Constantly hungry and fruit and water between meals isn’t helping much. Back in the gym although taking it easy after my car accident. Weighed 90.5 kilos now weigh 89.5 and hope to take off about 1 to 2 stone in 3 months. :nerd_face: