Diet and Fitness


Not a good sign or indicator of success over the next 12 weeks. What approach are you taking Dave?


Finding something to take your mind off it might help - activity distractions (I might suggest spending more time on here, but then you’d be trading risk to your physical health for risk to your mental health). There can be quite a few calories in fruit. If you like veg then many salady things are, in an energy sense, close to worthless. I treat myself to cups of coffee, which I find can help with the pangs.



Been offered Bond ??


I am doing a Jane Plan Diet. I cheated yesterday with a black bean stew with rice but I was about to take an audition and I needed some energy.


In this diet plan coffee is a no no. Although I had a double expresso and a small Americano mit melk.


The audition was for Mission Impossible ad, so nearly.


Jane Plan - you lazy fucker Dave :laughing:

Genuine question tho’, are you just looking to take the weight off the ad or do you want to lose the weight and keep it off?


I am hope to keep it off but that’s a long way away.
I did the Jane Plan because of the inherent discipline. I would not last on my own.


Ah okay, its just that the JP looks ideal as you say for installing a diet to you with minimal effort, but I’m not sure you’d want to go ‘diet on wheels’ for the rest of your days!

What it might do though is help you adapt to what I assume is a customised for you daily calorie intake that is reasonably balanced, and over 12 weeks become a new habit.

There’s other ways of doing that but you need to be able to hold yourself accountable straight off the bat.

Don’t forget that you can eat as much green veg etc as you like, and things like carrots, cauliflower, sugar snaps make good harmless snacks when the hunger pangs try to trick you into thinking you’re starving (which you’re obviously not!).

Also try to drink a lot of water - you’ll pee a lot but it will help reduce the empty stomach feeling.

Good luck.


Cheers. Very good advice. I will post my weekly weight loss here.


That is an excellent way of taking accountability.

Remember, weight loss isn’t linear so don’t be concerned by week to week results. Its definitely one of those processes where if you focus on the inputs the outputs usually take care of themselves.


My weight fluctuates by ~2kg depending on whether I’m glycogen depleted or not


You know a lot about weight loss are you Guru? :smiley:


Guru, yeah guru of ancient mysteries pertaining to fuck all of any significance!

I’ve probably spent decades in and out of gyms and on sports tracks watching people do things entirely mismatched to their goals (I see this in my work life too as do we all).

Over time I’ve helped 100s of people to think more clearly about what they’re really trying to achieve and the best way of getting there. Now we have the internet there’s tons of information out there, but this seems to just increase the frequency and severity with which people misunderstand or totally apply the right ideas but incorrectly.

So most of my work life is coaching and so is my free time much the same but different topics.


Interesting. One of the reasons I think I failed in life was that I had no discipline and focus. I did not set goals, maybe because I had no sense of self, every thing about me was show. Money, cars, women etc all helped (and alcohol of course) me get through life before I hit the wall. Today I am dead lazy but coming up to 78 years old but still vain. Lol. I could have been an actor but I had to much fear then and now I can’t remember lines. Sorry I seemed to have got carried away but I wished i’d Met you a few years back.


You’ve had a right old life mate😉

Yeah yeah and the rest you just frittered away!


I stopped drinking two weeks ago (for a month). Yes, I chose the shortest month of the year for a good reason.

I haven’t weighed myself at all but I can already do my belt up one-notch tighter.

Sleeping better too.


Just lay off the Swedish meatballs Dave :wink:


Nah, never…:wink:

You look good to me mate!


Never seen this pic before Jim. I gave the hat away to a girl in Spain. I have lost 3.3lbs so far.