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A lot better actually and my knees and legs are holding up down the Gym. The supply of food by Jane Plan is quite minimal and I go to bed a bit hungry, but it’s no sweat. Still not sleeping to well but I have much more energy.

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Do you know what you’re daily calories are that you’re getting?


I think it’s about 1200.
Probably more as that is the female number.


So if I’ve got this right - you started at c 90 kg, 14 st 2 lbs; and you’re looking to take somewhere between 1 to stones off? Lets say 1.5 stone for argument sake.

How tall are you? Really and not what you put on your acting CV :smile:


I am 5’ - 7 1/2” and I was 90.5kg.
I also add my carrot juice/spinach/multi green powder smoothie. Some apples if I’m peckish in the day.


Well, its no wonder why you’re losing weight (in the short term) and feeling hungry. Your basal metabolic calories are about 1675 per day - this is the amount just to power your functions and exist, it excludes any movement at all. If we add in seated lifestyle with no exercise this goes up to about 2350 cals per day.

I don’t know what your calorie intake was before you started, but I bet it was more than 2350!

To put things in perspective, at your target weight (ie down 1.5 st from baseline weight) of 177 lbs/ 12st 9 lbs, your basal meta cals would be 1550 and based on same lifestyle as above about 2175 cals.

So put simply, this is a sudden crash in your calories! Its less than the amount you need at your target weight to keep you alive without literally withering away!

Its why I asked right at the start whether you wanted to keep the weight off. You’ve probably worked out already that its not sustainable. It will probably be do-able to get you to your target weight, do your filming and then that’s about it!

If you want to keep it off then we’ll need to work out a genuinely sustainable way of eating healthy that keeps you at 12 st 9lbs without feeling hungry. Its do-able.

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I have never been a calorie counter so I wouldn’t know what I was eating (calorie wise) before I started this diet.

What I want is to take of as much fat off as possible after 3 months (the diet) and then see how I feel.

Then I will count calories to see if that will be affective in the health/lifestyle balance.

I so do appreciate your input Wayne you obviously are very clued up in this area and I will follow your advice when I’ve attained my target (Or probably before!) cheers, much appreciated.

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@crimsondonkey is right- the ultimate goal has to be a sustainable lifestyle change. Dieting is unpleasant and I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cycle of ballooning and dieting as many, many people are.

That said, I found dieting useful and effective to drop the weight quickly. I don’t think I could have coped with dropping the weight slowly over years with a small but sustained calorie deficit. I dropped from ~85kg to ~67kg (I am pretty much the same height as you) fairly quickly using fairly extreme restriction (probably similar to what you’re doing) followed by 5:2 intermittent fasting. It was horrible but I was disciplined as the proverbial fuck. I did this in two 3 month bouts, separated by a summer of getting into road cycling which kept my weight stable and I guess was the start of developing a sustainable lifestyle. I still ate loads of rubbish when the training made me hungry.

Re-calibrating my sense of how many calories were in food and how much food I actually needed was very important in getting me to where I am now. This pretty much came from using calorie tracker apps consistently for a period of months. I could not be fucked doing this for any longer, it’s dull as fuck. That said, I do still weigh things like rice and I have a good idea of where the calories are added when I cook. Whenever I double check it confirms I have a good idea of how much I am actually eating. Also, it gave me a better idea of protein vs fat vs carbs.

Actually, “extreme” dieting also helped me develop a sustainable lifestyle! Something like the 5:2 is fucking unpleasant so I tried to minimise the pain as much as possible. So, I learnt that soup is a really efficient way to fill up and I still have that during weekday’s for lunch, without any bread. I enjoy it and it works.

The only “diet” I would steer away from is any that restricts a particular nutrient or type of food e.g. carbs.


Thank you. Lots to take in there. I am not enjoying the diet but I am losing the weight I needed to plus I’m feeling better. Hopefully I will have lost a stone in a month on this Sunday and that’s what keeps me going. I could never do it without the Jane Plan diet I am not disciplined enough and I’m still compulsive. In 2 months time when I end this diet that will be the last one I do because I am nearing 78 and life is to short :nerd_face:. Cheers.


I think what you do 80% of the time is what makes the difference. Even when I was dieting I still enjoyed pudding at the in-laws when we were round for Sunday dinner. Don’t deny deny deny then flagellate yourself. As you say, life is too short for that shit. Do these things for yourself, because it’s going to help you enjoy life more, not for other people. Not healthy to do it because you’re trying to look a certain way etc… :stuck_out_tongue: again, as so many people do.


Intermittent fasting is the one that works for me. Once you get into it, it gets way easier. I’m about 3 weeks into alternate day IF right now, as a kick-start to weight loss, and I’m already feeling way better. I actually get a kind of sense of relief on the fast days. Feeling much less bloated and more streamlined. I’m right in the middle of moving house, so the exercise has dropped off a bit, but I’ll pick it up as soon as I’m in my new place.


Got the Trap Bar out yesterday and did some lunges. Went out to a gig and when I tried to get up off the seat, on the bus coming home, my quads were locking up just above the knee lol

Forgot how effective and versatile this thing is!

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My weight loss after I month is:- 6.5kg.:cake:


Do people have a flexibility routine they swear by? I’m thinking that until I pick the cycling back up again it would be good to spend some time on flexibility on non-karate days


I’m just picking out bits and pieces from that supple leopard bloke. Need to do better really.


There’s a few I’ve posted at intervals throughout this thread, but is there any particular area that you’re looking to focus on?

Do you want 10 mins each morning or 30-40 mins a couple of times a week? (you can do both too)


Both- I remember finding a 10 min one a while back but I can’t find it… (deep squat reaching above head with each arm in turn, and one other stretch that I can’t remember)

No area’s in particular- but I guess we all need to focus on problem areas resulting from sitting too much :wink:


Take yer pick -

Or maybe this is more the AA demographic?

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This (and exercises in this position) form a large part of the postural alignment class I go to


Amazing how many of these are covered by the stretching we do at karate!