Diet and Fitness


Good stuff.

Been struggling with a cold so abandoned planned workout for today - experience tells me it wouldn’t help.


Feels like a particularly relentless cold and flu season. The kids have been snotty and coughing solid for the last month or so

All the more reason to be moderate in exercise.


I should hit 10000km this week, which is my last cycling goal for the year :stuck_out_tongue:


Deceptively simple back pain alleviation.


"“But the swing is not a squat, it’s a hip hinge. … During a hip hinge, your hips maximally bend and your knees minimally bend. Hinging at your hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor allows you to engage your hamstrings, large muscles that let you powerfully swing the kettlebell back up to top.”

So the fact that my hamstrings are really fucking sore today suggests I’m doing the hinging motion right?



I use that one. Find it very effective after a day of sitting at a desk.


Just had a medical, my blood pressure was 123/73 and pulse 67. I train almost every day and I watch my diet. Still overweight and worn out and bored.


Those numbers don’t seem bad to me?


There very good. 18 year old’s and I am 76. But I just feel Blah!


That’s what I thought! I was confused :stuck_out_tongue:


Worrying comment that. Medical issues should they exist, to one side, you shouldn’t feel like that.

If you’re comfortable sharing, a bit about your diet and exercise that would be helpful.


Need an 18 year old, should get the heart rate and blood pressure up to a 76 year old :smiley:


Yep. And that you haven’t adapted to it yet (neither have I, I just don’t do it often enough right now).


they’re (my spelling is BTD :laughing:)


Fish. Barrel. Shotgun (blunderbuss?)

Note that the firearm is suitable for the gent who prefers horns.


And like horns, impact is good, accuracy is not.:tongue:


Accuracy? Suits you sir?

(Hopefully the picture of the grapeshot won’t upset those butchers with a painful case of Emmas :confounded:)


Ha Ha Ha.


I do. Where?