Discogs Musings

For a number of reasons I have been cataloging my vinyl collection on Discogs

It helps you identify exactly what pressing you have and is quite easy to do although records before barcodes and other unique identifiers do get you squinting at matrix numbers in bad light which is not much fun.

The collection software is basically a big spreadsheet so you can organise it how you like.
When it comes to values discogs give the record the minimum, median and maximum price it has sold for on their site. I found I had a number of records which had never sold, either because people hadn’t taken the trouble to check what version they had or the record is shit and no one wants it, or it is a bit of a rarity and has never sold. I am leaning toward the first two options as I reckon if something has a value someone will have realised it!

For fun I sorted my collection under the median value column and was rather surprised by the results. The top ten are below

The first thing that struck me was that they are all fairly modern.
Missing from the list are all the Nick Cave records I used to own, when I was out of work I sold the originals and bought the re-issues.

I paid £5.00 for the John Martyn in a second hand record shop ten to fifteen years ago!


Never thought to do that - you’re right, it can be surprising:

I suspect ALL of my albums are worth a Squezillion pounds :+1: