Yeah, I gave in. Missed a Scotchish penalty kick by the looks of it. Whoops there’s another!


You don’t get it do you ?
You’ve just been hypnotised by her, sad eyes - 1, owner - 0.


Collie Corner. On the settee, Basil, on the floor, Barley, then me (in the jumper) and Charlie. Still paralysed in his back end but starting to get some feeling back so we are optimistic.


Charlie suffered a “Canine Fibrocartilagenous Embolism” which left him paralysed in his back end.

Initially he had no feeling at all and could not wee or poo without help - a messy job.

Daily routine for Charlie.

Clean up of overnight leakage.

Walk at 08:00. Two person job. Towel under his middle, walking his front legs for 10 - 15 min to keep the front end loose. Regular stops for a sniff and loosen the towel for a pee. Poo’s just drop at random so poo bags at the ready. Manually release pee if he didn’t manage enough.

Bed wash where he has pee’ed himself. Massage back legs and exercise every joint. Takes about 30 min. Feed.

13:00 repeat, 17:00 repeat, 20:0 last walk and a few treats. In between regular cuddles and turns to prevent bed sores.

He really is showing signs of improvement so it’s certainly worth it.


Proper dedication.


Jan’s done all the massaging so I can’t take the credit. The little fella belongs to friends of ours who were due to go on a holiday in India a few days later. Even if they’d stayed they would have struggled to look after him so it was the best option for him to come to us. We walk them all together regularly so he is comfortable here.


You are both absolute stars!! Well done.


I can’t express how much I respect your dedication.



This should be in the Things That Restore Your Faith In Humanity thread - amazing indeed.


We had a big, stupid cat named Jasper. He measured 95 cm when stretched out from front paws to tail tip. Scared of absolutely anything else living, but would happily present his stomach for hoovering (with the upholstery attachment)). Yes, I know this is the dog thread.

Jasper got hit by a car and also lost the ability to choose when he went to the loo. His tail was also paralysed and then amputated. We tried and tried to help Jasper after the vet showed us how to “empty the tanks”, but we couldn’t manage.

So, we took him back to the surgery expecting the worst. The vet then said, “Can he come and live here? I’ve become quite fond of the old bugger”.

Jasper lived another 18 months. Stupid cat.




Fantastic job you’re doing Mick, Charlie is a lucky dog.


Fantastic effort you are putting in Mick. Charlie and his owners are incredibly lucky to have you and Jan.
Hope he comes right eventually and all your, and Jan’s, hard work pays off.:pray:


Jan and you deserve a medal Mick - for canine services beyond the call :1st_place_medal:


All of the above.


Thanks everyone. We are lucky in that we are both retired so have the time. We have had dogs all our lives and have known and walked Charlie since he was 6 months old. So it really isn’t that much trouble, just getting into the routine. I’m sure any of you would have done the same if you were in the same position.

TBF, Jan’s the heroine - on top of this she has the horses to do every morning and Aldi / Tesco’s this morning.

Anyway, I’m off to walk our two in the rain.


You, sir, are a true gent amongst a collection of cunts. You are to be saluted


Sorry Barnaby it’s been done and on St. Valentines Day
Feel as guilty as hell about it, but that’s probably a man thing. Cuddles loads of sorry and gentle strokes and complete forgiveness if you piss on the carpet and shit in my slippers.
Two furry earrings available if anyones forgotten a Valentines gift for the missus, never used only licked.


Charlie managed his first few steps today on his own. And wagged his tail for the first time :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Big progress


Great news. Thanks to your loving care.