Haven’t heard anything further on him since he cancelled his tour - we were really looking forward to seeing him so hope everything is ok. I think he’s one of our best comedians :+1:


This is Maddie.
Maddie had her breakfast this morning and then we walked for 2.5 hours, 5-6 miles.
When we got home, she went straight to the back door with an undeniable sense of urgency. When I let her out, she took an evidently much-needed shit on the lawn…
Maddie is very Very VERY thick.
She is also BIZARRELY fussy about where she’ll nip-off a length of Dirty Spine - only the very best, carefully-manicured lawns and gardens will do, preferably with an audience of annoyed humans watching, but even then 5-10 minutes of hunting around for the exact right spot is required…
Fucking dogs do my nut in!!!


So you both walked 5-6 miles together and only one of you is fit as a butcher’s dog :grinning:

Must be something wrong with your diet mate?


So much this ^, porridge for brains they 'ave, but everyday they make me laugh with their antics.



We have just trained patch to shit on certain people’s gardens. Labourious work, but now paying off


My diet is flawless and healthy . . .

…the fact that I eat enough of it to sustain a small village may, however, be an issue…


The whole Darfur crisis was just you getting a spot peckish, wasn’t it?


You have no idea how hungry human suffering makes me - just catching a whiff of a starving person makes me salivate like Pavlov’s poodle when the dinnergong chimes…

Fairly sure a distant ancestor may have become excessively Familiar with a vulture at some point… :confused:


At the dinner table yesterday.

Rolo (the King Charles) went through a spell when he was younger of crouching over the edge of the curb and shitting in the gutter. If I could have only taught him to do it over a drain I’d never have had to pick up after him.
Now he waits till we’re back from a walk and shits outside the house. After passing about 3 bins🙄
The other one , Ruby saves her shit for the garden😡
Rolo is peeing in the house now while we’re at work now ( he’s on diuretics so can’t be helped ) and the other half is home before me so she deals with it !
The diuretics have really helped though along with his vetmedin for his heart.



Do love Staffies - if I’d not got sighthounds a staffie would have been on the cards - so soulful… :heart:




I was never a fan of them tbh ( not looking beyond the undeserved reputation ) but my other half loves them. We recently rehomed Ruby after her owner changed working hours and in the short space we’ve had the old girl she’s completely won me over. Absolutely soft as shit. I’d have another. Though we’ve already said when these two go that’s it ! As if.


Like sighthounds, they’re comprehensively misunderstood dogs. :+1:


We had a staffie for 14 years.Wonderful dog, my wifes best friend. She was heartbroken when we had to have him put down. Very protective of our three children as they grew up, didn’t bother our cats, kept stray cats off the property with one exception, a very big black and white tom who marched into the house,cuffed our two cats, scoffed their food, punched the dog on the snout, got onto a chair and had a snooze. He left when he died of old age.


Right rolo , you distract them and I’ll pinch the chicken.


Great pic.


Well, Charlie went home today! He went mad when they arrived! We’ve had him for almost 3 weeks now and are gonna miss the little fella. He’s never felt sorry for himself and just seems to have taken the view that “shit happens”.

GIF from yesterday. As you can see he has made significant improvement from when he arrived but still has a very weak right leg. Hopefully hydro therapy will help. Bearing in mind we were told 6 - 8 weeks before he would start to walk we are optimistic.


Great news


Fantastic care you took of him Mick. I bet his owners are so grateful.