eBay stuff (Part 2)

It was all going fine as I scrolled through the pictures, until I hit


Yes, a bit deep for my place. I used to have Auditorium 23 Solovox which used the same main driver, which I bought of Chelseadave for not a great deal. Much missed and one of the few things I have regretted selling almost immediately.

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Lovely and hardly ever come up for sale. I hope you replaced them with something good.

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LV Avatar’s as domestically a better fit. Now moved onto OBX RW’s

My system has moved on a fair bit and I suspect the Solovox’s would work much better now although I suspect my BP 300b PP would be better swapped for SE or similar.

I think a pp BP would have sounded great with them.

Suspect you’re right. Just got mine back after a visit to Simon SJS and really enjoying it.


Who on the Wam had those? Was it Hornucopia?

Looks like it, the ones on eBay Hornucopia (now Aural) thinks may be his. He posted about these over on PFM which is were I first picked up on them.

You are allowed to blow many thousands though.


That’s probably worth owning.

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Maybe Paul should’ve kept it under his hat then :grinning:

No doubt it will fetch a decent price. I remember when I first started looking at turntables and saw a 301 on eBay. I was thinking “yes, I like the look of that old pile of crap but will it be a waste of money?”. When it sold for over a grand I was shocked lol

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Same seller is also selling a nice plinth for it.

Interesting to see some detail of the SME 301 restoration.

Still playing around with preamps, @crimsondonkey?


Sounds like Guy has checked it over?


If that belonged to who I think he said he would never let it go for less than £9k

Will be interesting to see if it goes for more than £5k on ebay, or more likely the auction ends early.

Very nice!