Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


That’s cos I am the anti-purifier :mask:


I see the seller is in Oxford. Are you shilling this for a mate Graeme? If so, top work!


OX3. The outer darkness. Where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.



Second-hand/unused foo for the win:

For the gentleman whose wallet is more capacious than his brain.


I ground everything in my system to Earth via a 1MΩ ESD safety plug, with 1MΩ on each connecting line to ensure if something does dump its guts to Earth none of the external grounding is carrying significant current. It keeps ground buzzes and static down a treat.

I’ve got a whole boxful of plugs, cable, connectors etc thinking I’d sell it as an ultracheap way to do what Entreq do, but couldn’t really be arsed - takes too long getting dimwits to understand how to lash their system together.

All my money’s going on Schumann resonators and Scalar Wave Technology now in any case…


… the only thing I remember is coming to … I am not sure where I was, but I was gone. (Guy)

… The Unity setting gave me a tingling sensation in my brain. (Jim)




After a sesh on homemade Ginger Beer

and when I farted it flew across the room - my brain, not the tingling sensation


I wonder if Entreq are aware of the phrase “I’m just going to the loo for an Eartha”


Fat cunts, want to be buff? - Good news! You don’t need to pollute yourself with healthy snacks, fraternize with Vegans or resonate with with the running machine - The New Audio Lab-yah device will polish your buns to a Schumann shine. Can’t stand up no mo? Then sit on the bastard. Cash on collection only and NO we are not VAT registered.


Gonna need some before/after pics, but I’m pretty much sold - presumably this also works as a turntable support, yes?


7.83Hz. Slap bang in the middle of ‘brown note’ territory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_note. I see that the device itself, every item of the demonstrator’s clothing and also the floor tiles are different shades of ‘Volvo’. Not, I suspect, a coincidence.



Audio Lab-Yah’s products are potent and deeply cleansing. The Lab-Yah removes all toxins from the body and environment instantaneously. For even faster results we did perform tests in a pyramid - The results were impressive depending on perspective. Our Chief technician turned into Imhotep and flailed half the sheep of Dartmoor before our patented Schumann quantum brake restored equilibrium.


Only just started reading this thread but I already know I won’t read anything better. Anywhere ever!


you owe me a keyboard


We do not do refunds in part or in full. As a gesture, we will post you a resonating envelope. Once open you will see nothing as great feelings overcome you.


Will it cure a sprained ankle? Fucking moving pavements in London


Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you…


Sadly no. Sprained ankles are a sign of inappropriate footwear. We recommend never wearing shoes, the grounding anti-inflammatory effect of direct contact with Gaia in combination with snorting ground amethyst is well documented.


Thankyou oh yodo.

A few pints will numb the loose ankle - I knew I should have worn proper shoes