Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Yeah, sounds to me like this was an accident waiting to happen if you will insist on wantonly exposing yourself to Thetan Mind-Beams and poisoning your Khiral System with pervasive Chemtrail fallout!

Ignore the charlatans, what you really need is the detoxifying and deep-spiritual cleansing of Scalar Wave technology to harmonize your Zero Point Energy field…

I’m willing to release one of our finer such creations for the exceptionally reasonable sum of £1186.92

At this point you are pretty-much dead meat if you don’t from where I’m meditating…

Cash or Krugerrands preferred, thanks.


I generally reach my zero point energy field at about 9.05 most every morning lately.


Bitcoin or a chilli paneer from the Turan


Nice, and tempting, but the current exchange rate is 1 TuranChilliPaneer = 0.000007 Nanomuffins :open_mouth:

Going to have to do a LOT better!


I shall unleash the chicken lollipop


We’ve heard about that.


Sir’s Super Strong Desktop Cloud Buster Anti-Chem/EMF Organite Chembuster Orgone is in the post :+1:


Chicken Lollipops are benign unless used in combination with cupping. Audio Lab-yah’s vegan cupomizer is irrepressible

The Cupomizer is very powerful, the vacuum system was a little noisy but the results were great - it was like receiving 15,000 love bites from Bacchus. Caution do not use them as a sex thing. They are not a sex thing - The Hospital eventually removed most of the cups and I looked like Mr. Blobby for 15 weeks.



Please stop posting these - I’m sorer than a 15YO who’s just got a subscription to “Goats in Boats”…


Isn’t each one supposed to have a wasp in it ?



Either the picture’s flipped or they’ve palmed you off with the one for the mirror universe. For sure the coils have to go clockwise as you approach heaven. Never mind. Paypal are great about refunds when this sort of thing happens.

EDIT: Dohhhhhhhhh, hang on. They do go clockwise, whichever direction you’re going. Chirality bites again :confounded:.



Have you ever noticed your system doesn’t always sound the same? Does your favorite recording sometimes fail the ’ frisson’ factor? Frustrating as fuck yes?
Audio Lab-yah has all the answers. Did you know Blue/Red/Orange flickering LED’s actually tamper with your Chi? That’s right you can Schumann all you like but those cute little bulbs that assure you ‘there is life in your system’ are actually contaminating your Chakras.
The solution isn’t simple, but we’ve done it just for you. We went to NAUSA to study the effects of LED’s on gravity free baboons. The lab results were startling and we are prepared to share them with YOU NOW.
Audio Lab-yah’s “ScalarWave Lotus Laser Quantum Wave” works with VIOLET. Not ultra VIOLET but Quantum lazer VIOLET to enhance Scalar energy flow, emotional cleansing and wellbeing. R&D Research also shows the violet wavelength has special properties that:
· Supports DNA
· Increases length of telomeres
· Supports stem cells
· Balances subtle energy, positively affecting everything from the emotions to enzyme functions to the energy fields surrounding the body, and more

The unit is disguised as an 80’s remote to deter theft by aliens / higher beings and jealous types.


GOD I thought it was a new type of valve amp!


If you buy that Dave, you won’t need another valve amp, ever.


It’s that OX3 man again. It has to be either Graeme moonlighting or one of his colleagues.


I was ready to BIN, and then I noticed it’s only got “super violet”…

Where’s my ultra violet, eh?


Charlatans, mountebankes, quacks and tricksters everywhere I look - my Chi is in bits now… :face_with_head_bandage:


Did someone mention chicken lollipops :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::yum::yum::yum:


MissMurrayMarple gets to the bottom of any swamp.


Surprised Mr Krugel’s hair foo machine never took off